Friday, November 27, 2015

Anglican or Catholic?

...They are equal in Francis' eyes!

Rome Reports' coverage of the event

Francis visits Anglican Shrine of Namugongo

Francis visits the Munyonyo Martyrs Shrine

Guess those Popish recusants were wrong!


  1. This story is among reason I embraced the sedevacantist thesis and started attending a traditional chapel circa 2011.

  2. 'Questa o quella per me pari sono', sang in Verdi's Rigoletto the Duke, it's the s(h)ame for francys, have you seen his black shoes at place de la concorde in Paris for the Ecology day? No more words.

  3. Of course the Modernists believe they are god and presume that they have the same authority as God. They have decided people can believe what they wish and do as they wish and God is not offended in any way. After all, they also teach that everyone is saved so why should it matter what you believe or do?