Saturday, November 7, 2015

Francis is living his childhood dream of being a butcher... he makes mincemeat out of Church tradition!

 Another day, another interview with Francis!

“And they asked me, 'What do you want to be when you grow up?' and I said, ' a butcher!'”

The interviewer from Straatnieuws (a Dutch newspaper sold by
homeless people in the central city of Utrecht) arrives for
the super top secret interview with Francis.

Do you think so far your pontificate has been able to obtain a change of thinking, for example in politics?

Pope Francis: I would not know what to say. I do not know. I know that some have said that I am a communist. But it is a dated category. Perhaps today other words are used to say this ...

Marxist, socialist ...

Pope Francis: They have said this.
Do you enjoy this tour of the [St. Peter's] Square during the general audience ...

Pope Francis: Yes, it is true.

I do not think so much about the fact that I'm famous. I say to myself: 'I have an important job now, but in ten years no one will know me anymore' (laughs). You know, there are two types of fame: the fame of the "big ones" who have done great things, like Madame Curie and the fame of the vain. The latter fame is like a soap bubble.

The Church must speak the truth and also testimony, the testimony of poverty. If a believer speaks of poverty or homeless and leads a life of Pharaoh ... this can not be possible.

Isn't Francis condemning himself with his own words above?
Does he not speak of hunger while getting fatter by the day?

“I want a world without poor...”


  1. I wonder if he butchered stray cats and dogs when he was little... (in prep for becoming a pervert butcher).

  2. He's making vursht. JudeoJesus will want the mincemeat to be kosher. Has he koshered the Vatican kitchen yet?

  3. Our Blessed Lord said that the poor we will always have with us: vain hope Francis.