Friday, November 13, 2015

Francis' numbers in the popularity poll must be down

...because he is resorting to his old antics

'Take a ride with humble me!'


  1. Papa Jorge is such a heimishe mensch, how can those wicked people think he is the Destroyer? He should get that pope mobile down to Lampedusa to give the refugees a ride on the pope mobile back to Rome.

  2. Unfortunately, I believe his OLD old tricks -- do you see Dad in this pic? I think he's pulling a Bevilaqua: "Rocco was eight when he seemed to find a receptacle for all his energy and intelligence. His aunt took him to the mass welcoming newly elevated Cardinal Anthony Bevilacqua home from Rome. Rocco remembers the date: July 14, 1991. As Bevilacqua walked to the altar, he stopped his long entourage, knelt on one knee, and said hello to the boy standing in the third row. He asked if the boy wanted to become a priest.

    “Uh, um, yes,” Rocco said. He thought to himself, “Man, this guy’s got a nice gig.”

    Bevilacqua invited Rocco and his family to the bishop’s office on the top floor of the Pink Palace, the pink marble office tower behind the cathedral that houses archdiocesan administrative offices. Rocco and Bevilacqua started writing letters back and forth. “He was my mentor, my teacher, my friend,” Rocco says. “Only recently did I realize how unique that was.”


    Why do you think putrid stench is such good friends w/Danneels...