Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Francis views his favorite blasphemous artwork

...and gives it his kosher seal of approval

'humble' meets blasphemy

Francis' alchemical dialogue between 
Catholic art and blasphemous Hasidic kitsch!

 (viewing takes place from 2 min 55 seconds until 4 minutes 25 seconds)

Francis saw his favorite blasphemous painting today in the Baptistery of St. John albeit for less than two minutes.  Watch the video above, Francis seems underwhelmed by it and more interested in the gold colored mosaics adorning the ceiling of the Baptistery than Chagall's piece of blasphemous kitsch.  Yet, every time he is asked and it has been many, what is his favorite painting, Francis replies without fail, "White Crucifixion by Marc Chagall."

Maremma News reported that Francis and Cardinal Joseph Betori were greeted in the Baptistery by the director of the The Art Institute of Chicago, Douglas Druick, and the director general of the Palazzo Strozzi, Arturo Galansino.  The reason for Francis taking in the mosaics on the ceiling with the blasphemous painting was that the two directors told Francis the White Crucifixion,  "was in dialogue with the 200 mosaics of the dome and of the apse, representing the message unity of unity between the ancient and the modern, the same spark of artists which transcends all time." You can't make stuff like this up.  Francis, "admired and commented to those present that the masterpiece by Marc Chagall (is his favorite) together with Caravaggio (who) is his favorite artist."

One interesting coincidence is that from the 9th of November to the 10th of November in 1938 the 'Night of Broken Glass' or Kristallnacht took place in Germany.  This in turn inspired Marc Chagall to paint this blasphemous piece of trash.  Yes you guessed it, Chagall's White Crucifixion was moved from the Palazzo Strozzi to the Baptistery on the 9th of November and Francis viewed it at the Baptistery on the 10th of November.  How numerically and magically charged!  So fitting!  Francis obsession with Kristallnacht according to our research goes back at least ten years. (see, Noche de los cristales rotos 2005)

Francis exited the Baptistery of St. John by going through La Porta del Paradiso (Door of Paradise or Heaven's Gate) to enter the Cathedral where he was meeting with the participants of the Fifth National Ecclesial Convention.   Can it get any more symbolic?  Viewing blasphemous junk will get one into heaven.  The topic of discussion at this year's convention and theme is, "In Jesus Christ the New Humanism".  Francis' full address can be read by clicking here.  It's the usual modernist claptrap he is always spouting off like the following words:
"The Church is not obsessed with power, it escapes from the temptations and thrones to be the Church with the face of a mother, but restless, close to the forgotten and to the imperfect, who think to build a field hospital which welcomes. I desire a happy Church with the face of my mother, who understands, accompanies, caresses.  You dream this Church, you believe in it, innovate it with freedom."

What about the Church desired by God?

Does that remind you of someone or something?

Who's always telling God that He is incorrect as is His word ?

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