Wednesday, November 4, 2015

More interreligious garbage

(from left to right) Chief-Rabbi of Brussels Albert Guigui, 
Bishop of Antwerp Johan Bonny, and Iman Khalid Benhaddou.

A new stamp to be issued by Belgium.  Lieve Blancquaert is the photographer, the year of issue is 2016, and the text translates into English as, 

"All Equal, All Different"

These men are indeed "all equal" in that none of them hold the beliefs of the Catholic Faith and "all different" in that each one expouses a different anti-Christian outlook:

  • Albert Guigui is a Moroccan born Talmudic Jew who is an advocate for stamping out 'Islamphobia' and 'anti-semitism' in the world as he seeks to recreate the 'peaceful harmony' of the Morocco he grew up in.
  • Johan Bonny is pro-sodomite 'marriage', pro-contraception, pro-cohabitation, and sees his purpose as helping the church learn how to be a minority in a Moslem majority.
  • Khalid Benhaddou at 27 years old is one of the youngest imans in Europe who also holds several passports including Moroccan, French, and Belgian. He is the (false) 'moderate front' of the Salafists in Europe.


  1. What a gay photo--the three men so happy and in harmony. Let's tiptoe through the tulips!

  2. Is there anything we can add to this happy picture of the three antiChrist JudeoXtian faggots smirking and cutting signs? Let's see - antiChrist (x), antijudeophobic (x), antisemantic (x), antiracist (x) antiIslamophobic (x) antihomophobic(x) antixenophobic (x).

    There would be world peace tomorrow, children, if a world full of unregenerates would just be nice to each other and learn from the good rabbi, the good bishop and the good imam how to behave and sing kumbaya.

  3. I can just see Jesus showing this stamp of the Father, Son & Holy Ghost to all the "faithful" Catholics who keep insisting Francis IS the pope and they must stay w/Him to receive the Sacraments and get to heaven! Grace! They are receiving Grace!


    On Saturday evening, October 31, Father Wegner gave a conference at Queen of Angels in Dickinson, TX. Within this conference Father talked in the most positive way of the SSPX being recognized by Rome. He left no doubt that this is going to be celebrated as soon as Francis "accepts us".

    Then there was the other part of his conference directed against Bishop Williamson in a most virulent way. He said, "No one has done more damage to the SSPX than Bishop Williamson". He accused him of being a "traitor", "knowing the damage" the interview "denying the holocaust" would cause the Society and doing it on purpose. Strange that a German would not appreciate having someone speak the truth to lift the black cloud that still hangs over his own country and people. But no, he attacks the truth and blackens the name of the messenger.

    Word reached His Excellency and this is what he has replied to Father Wegner:

    (posted with H.E.’s permission)

    Reverend Father,

    It is brought to my attention that in Queen of Angels, Texas, parish of the SSPX, you said recently that when in November of 2008 I spoke to a Swedish TV interviewer about the "Holocaust", I was perfectly well aware of what harm my remarks would do to the SSPX, and I made the remarks anyway, as though I positively wanted to harm the SSPX. I will assume that this report of your words is substantially accurate, because it is a widely shared version of my intentions at that moment.

    Here is the truth, with which you must do as you see fit, but you will have been told it.

    When I called in question the Six Million and the Gas-chambers, for good or ill the thought of the SSPX was absolutely not in my mind. I had in mind one thing and one thing alone -- to tell what I understood to be the truth on a very important question of modern history and religion, because the "Holocaust" has been made into the most widely spread and influential substitute religion of modern times.

    I expect no apology. I might be grateful if you ceased to tell counter-truths about my intention in uttering those famous words. Over to you.

    With good wishes in Christ, +Richard Williamson.

  5. Within the next three years Europe is going to witness events it has not seen since the Roman Empire crumbled. Already, the signs are clear..

  6. Not a word from HH Jorge and 'the JudeoXtian church of the poor' about the shameful treatment being meeted out to the poor of Europe by the postChristian nations of the JewUduring the invasion of Europe.

    InHocSignoVinces is tracking this on his youtube channel.
    Poor Italians Homeless While 'migrants' live in new buildings.

    Wouldn't it be nice if HH Jorge showed up with a pot of soup and a blessing?

  7. All three false religions deny Jesus Christ is the Son of God -- no wonder Belgium has put them on a stamp together. The Mark of the Beast.

  8. How the Jews infiltrated the Vatican and changed the Catholic Church

  9. "Separate but equal" was a doctrine the U.S. Supreme Court found unconstitutional. I wonder if VC2 is setting up w/these slogans forced state one church worship (so much for freedom of religion!). I pray St. Michael's prayer & Come Holy Ghost every opportunity.

  10. The picture of the 3 together is Freemasonry at its finest.