Monday, November 9, 2015

more news from the Pfeiffervillains

3 min 45 seconds - concerning Ambrose
6 min 45 seconds - recommends TradCatKnight aka Eric 'the great monarch' Gajewski

Fr. Hewko says that Mount Carmel Seminary will not have further association with 'bishop' Ambrose after having him as a guest at the seminary where he offered Mass for the faithful who attend the chapel.  Interestingly, Fr. Hewko says to have nothing to do with schismatics and in the next breathe recommends a radio show by Eric 'the great monarch' Gajewski who holds the belief Francis isn't the pontiff!  Mr. Gajewski believes it is still Benedict XVI!  What's happening in Boston?

'bishop' Ambrose with Cardinal Slipyj outside Holy Wisdom (St. Sophia)
Cathedral, Rome, after his alledged episcopal consecration.

Statement from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary concerning Archbishop Ambrose Moran

November 7th, 2015
Dear faithful,
After further investigation, the Seminary of Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Boston, Kentucky, has decided not to associate with Archbishop Ambrose Moran.
Please keep our nine seminarians and brothers in your prayers and we thank all who are praying for our apostolate.
In Christ the King and the Immaculate Heart of Mary,
Father Joseph Pfeiffer
Father David Hewko

source: Filii Mariae, Statement from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Seminary concerning Archbishop Ambrose Moran



  1. Pfreakshow!. But seriously, the farm boy from Kentucky is the true Great Monarch! So please let's allow him to rule the world!

  2. The confusion and utter chaos appears, in all sectors, to be reaching critical mass. In unthinking moments, I've asked how much worse can it get?

  3. The SSPX has a very confusing ill advised position to begin with and with time it will become even more bizarre.Beware of those who follow strange doctrine.I wish the SSPX the best and hope they will reject the novus ordo in the short near future.