Tuesday, November 24, 2015

usury is good

...Francis visits the Vatican Bank (IOR)

Notice in the video Francis with his appointee to head the bank Monsignor Battista Mario Salvatore Ricca (the prelate of the IOR).  Proving Dante Alighieri correct in his Divine Comedy in which he placed usurers (bankers) and sodomites in the same level of hell.


  1. And especially as ricca the usurer is also ricca the sodomite.

  2. You all should post the Rome Reports video where Francis states "Pius XII made many good changes" .
    I was recently blasted on a "traditional" catholic forum for stating we should fast after midnight before holy communion.Now people disagree that's fine, no problem.The level of animosity actually threw me off, I wasn't expecting that.All who are angry at me for suggesting the 3 hour fast is invalid need to see this video.They are in agreement with the same they supposedly see as anti-pope.