Tuesday, November 17, 2015

You knew this was coming...

...Francis to visit synagogue!


  1. Will BERGoglio dress for the occasion? Will he wear his hexagram hat?

  2. Obviously he will, and then a good kosher lunch, among friends, very old friends.....will Skorka be invited too?

  3. Or the Talmudic ephod worn by Paul VI?
    It will hide the pectoral cross nicely,

    Seattle kim

  4. Yes. Wouldn't you know it. Francis to visit the synagoge. Again. There's a Third Temple to build and lots of Olam Tikkun to do as well as the usual doing down the Lord Jesus Christ as Saviour and King.

    Congrats all round for Nostra Aetate and their Revolution in the Church, pray for the Jewish Messiah to come, validate the Jews as the Chosen in their own special Covenant with G_d, commemorate the holocaust and the glorious victims, stir the klipot, reassure the antiChrists that Jesus as Saviour is just an optional extra, no need to renegotiate their Faustian Bargain - they are cooking with gas and its working or them.

    What a passel of weasels and vipers! After those two bolts on the day of Pope Benedict's resignation, the Almighty would seem to be back into the special FX. It's not enough to make the angels weep and the Saviour of men vomit. Please send a good one down right smack on the visit to the synagogue. Make Francis poop his pope panties at the Jew party and don't forget to grease the floor with that insectoid in the hexagram hat.

  5. How long did it take all in attendance (including Jorge) to blame the Catholic Church for every setback the Yids have encountered since 33 A.D.?