Saturday, December 12, 2015

another modernist manger scene

Everyone should remember the creche below which Francis remotely lit in the town of Assisi.  It was broadcast live all over Italy on several religious channels with the focus on 'immigrants' and how their struggles are like Our Lord's.

Now we have the manger the Commander General of Italy's Coast Guard received as a gift from the Centro Semiresidenziale diversamente abili (center of people with disabilities) in the City of San Vito dei Normanni.  It is displayed in the headquarters of the General Command of the Coast Guard in Rome, Italy.

We bring this up to demonstrate how pervasive novel takes on Our Lord's Nativity are in Italy.  What's next a creche in a semi (lorry) for an Italian transportation company?  Or how about one on a soccer pitch?  The above manger looks like Noah's Ark with all the animals below.  We wonder are there also Moslem stowaways in the hold?  It wouldn't surprise us!  Then we have the Nativity itself on the deck of the ship with the Italian Coast Guard's flag hastily tacked on the aft of the boat.  This is straight up modernist!  Could it be, this symbolically represents the Italian Coast Guard smuggling in Hasidic Jesus?  Yes, we know the presepe was made by some of disabled, saints who can do no wrong in Francis' church.  Are they not taking after the example set by Francis in Assisi?


  1. There would appear to be quite a market for nativity kitsch. These nautical/refugee themed nativities are part of the larger nativity kitsch phenomena. Whyismarko has a webpage devoted to nativity kitsch. Francis nativity kitsch would fight right in the swimming pool displays.

    Nativity kitsch is part of the Jewish fightback against Christmas.

    One looks in vain for menorah and Hannukah kitsch - but then you could not improve on those rabbis in the cherry pickers being elevated to light the torch.

  2. Is there any good news from Italy? They seem to specialize in superficiality and political correct nonsense. Francis fits right in.