Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Francis' Jubilee of Mercy kicks off

...with the groping of nuns

 Grope her, she might be a terrorist!

 Nothing says humble church like putting your hands all over a consecrated virgin.

 She's a fundamentalist because she is carrying a Rosary!

Did they search that nun's bag for a bomb?

Nothing like an immodestly dressed security woman inappropriately touching a nun.


  1. C'mon, don't be silly, a USA journalist entered in Vatican with a toy pistol and NONE touched him or controlled him, he stayed there all day long......guess whether he seriously was a terrorist. Cheers from Europe.

  2. Below is a link to a petition for the conversion or abdication of 'Pope' Francis. I signed, but, of course we all know that the college of cardinals is pretty much a big evil hydra. If the Bergoglio head is extinguished, another ugly hydra head will likely replace him. Nonetheless, I felt I should sign it.

    While I do not believe Francis is a true pope , he, at least bodily occupies the Chair of Peter. There is, then, the remotest of possibilities that he could convert and abolish Vat 2 and return the Church to tradition.

    Seattle kim

  3. No one is exempt from the Eye of Sauron, Nazgul raids, security lockdowns and the violations of groping orcs or else we are giving a victory to those terrorists who so hate our freedoms.

    These nuns may well be extremists who were radicalised on the NET. Security will have to look into that.