Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Francis' shoes participate in a demonstration

...how revolutionary!

Another PR photo-op!

The Bataclan theater is named after the operetta 
Ba-ta-clan, which was written by, a Jewish convert 
to Roman Catholicism, Jakob Offenbach.

Since the recent events in Paris, the French government has clamped down on civil liberties in the name of defending liberty and keeping the populace safe.  The 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP 21 or CMP 11 is scheduled to still happen in Paris.  Globalists always have more liberty than the people they subjugate.  Planned environmental protests for the 'climate' were canceled by order of the France's government.  In a move straight from a Hollywood script (it was planned in advance) a large park, Square du Bataclan named after the Bataclan concert hall which it is in front of, was filled with shoes to represent the missing protesters.  It was organized by a non-governmental organization (NGO) called Avaaz. Don't worry the protesters left 100 meters of no shoes in front of the Bataclan as a show of respect for those who died there.

Francis' humble shoes next to Cardinal Hummes, the power maker
behind Jorge Bergoglio's election in the conclave.

The empty shoes in Paris invoke into people's minds 
all those Holocaust displays of empty shoes.

Many famous people sent shoes including UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon who sent a pair of sneakers and Francis, his humble black Oxford shoes.  Empty shoes apparently are not a security concern to French police.  Also nearby, is a piece of 'art' created by kabbalistic filmmaker Darren Aronofsky named the 'The Standing March'.  The 'art' is there  to “remind leaders that the world is watching,” and the climate needs to be 'fixed'.  The only thing to expect out of COP 21 is for more governmental rules and regulation in the lives of the world's peoples with more freedoms being taken away.  It is tikkun olam for the world!  The globalists, Talmudists, and Francis are hell-bent on creating their 'heaven-on-earth' whether you want it or not.

Aronofsky's 'The Standing March'

Another useless symbolic gesture which puts
one further under the spell of the globalists.


  1. Wow. So humble. They're not even wingtips.

  2. Who took the time to put all these shoes out on the street? WHY weren't they heppin the poor????? This is so NOT funny. People are gunned down by vicious terrorists who invoke a demon as their God - Catholics are not called to pray for their conversion, but to send (AT WHAT COST?????) a pair of shoes (that some poor people could use) to be set in the street to PUBLICIZE the SENDER. What vanity. I can see those people suffering in hell taking satisfaction that all the empty shoe senders will be suffering w/them soon.

  3. Having a Tridentine mass in downtown Paris (not the 1962 invalid missal) praying for the souls of the dead and the conversion of all Muslims to the true catholic faith would've benefited mankind more than some bizarre collection of shoes.