Sunday, December 27, 2015

More Christmas cheer from the Orthodox followers of the Talmud

The government of Israel is trying to prevent the rebuilding of the Church of Multiplication of the Loves and Fishes by throwing as many road blocks as possible in the way of its reconstruction.  The church was set on fire allegedly by two citizens of the State of Israel who profess Orthodox Talmudic Judaism.

Yehuda Asraf and Yinon Reuveni, the alleged arsonists.

Footage of the aftermath of the June 2015 arson 'price tag' attack

News story on the June 2015 hate crime


  1. Bibi is an old pro at saying this stuff with a straight face -

    An appeal to the Christians United for Israel to send more shekels to rebuild the Church of the Multiplication (the scene of so many CUFI photo ops will probably follow.

  2. You won't see this story on Fox News!