Friday, December 11, 2015

the new evangelization in the Netherlands

“When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child. But, when I became a man, I put away the things of a child.”

This is no joke, Vonhögen has a degree in social communications from the Pontifical Gregorian University!

Pray for this man with the intention that he grows up!



  1. He's a pedophile. And just imagine these creeps are living off the "faithful"!

    Check out this video of a 52 year old married father of three who is impersonating a 6-year old girl--and wearing lipstick and having sex w/300 lb bikers and being given an audience to spread this evil on nat'l t.v. And guess what @ 30 seconds there he is w/Team B accused priest rapist Cardinal McCarrick.

    The filth washing out over the world from this VC2 evildom is mind boggling -- and yet all we get from Rorate and Remnant and SSPX are work w/the perverts. Francis resign -- but what about all he's done in the past two years? Rorate has an editorial that THE CHURCH (the spotless bride of Christ is the problem:

    "It is not, principally, the sick Roman Curia that infects the Church, but it is the sick Church (and gravely so for too many years) that has infected the Curia." Then they conclude: "What do you possess that you haven’t previously received? Love the (SICK INFECTED!) Church!"

    Then the remnant has their petition calling on rat to resign--at least these pedophiles are achieving their objective. Meanwhile remnant, rorate and sspx (not to mention EVERY so called "faithful" catholic who continues to go along and sit in the company of wicked, despicable evil doers)) are helping them achieve it too! God help them!

    "Be merciful: pweeeze, for the wuv of God, keep it up so we can continue to run our bwog, tv show, newspaper and pigwimages to Lake Garda and chartres and rome."

  2. This is the future. Man in hospital bed begs not to be euthanized.

  3. Some troll in a beanie from Herzlya hacked into their Game and made off with their sword of truth, shield of faith, rods of justice and all the battle ton tons.

    JudeoJesus will be pleased. He doesn't go in for that judgemental dogmatic stuff. In the Year of Mercy we need to think more about being nice to each other and lowering our carbon emissions.