Sunday, December 13, 2015

Was that a tumbleweed blowing across St. Peter's Square?

Where's the people?

It's not like you have to buy a ticket.

No one is visiting the manger either.

That's it!  It must have been all the snow keeping the people away!

This was one of the shortest rides CMJ has seen of Francis in the Popemobile.

The money shot of an almost empty square.

Here's the video from 02 December 2015


  1. I'd say that light show projected onto St Peter's has put a lot of people of ,maybe their showing their disgust by staying away.

    1. This general audience was held 6 days before the light show!

  2. That's not a tumbleweed! That's a roamin' catholic fleeing the soul attackers.

  3. Francis is poping while under the influence (PUI) of Rabbi Heschel and the soul attackers.

  4. He doesn't need the popemobile, he can take a walk among the few pilgrims.....sic transit gloria mundi......there were but a few even on the day of opening the Holy Door for the year of Mercy.....nails on.

  5. That's cause people KNOW that no one's home!

  6. The people were scared away by the creepy "light show" called Fiat Lux.