Monday, December 21, 2015

When does this guy find the time to say the breviary?

This man-child is a priest?

Elizabeth Scalia, managing editor of Pathetic
interviews Roderick about Star Wars

Is it any wonder Islam grows while the Novus Ordo retreats?

Watch him play with his Star Wars toys


  1. Some should hook this Idiot up with this other Idiot.

  2. He's taking the "unless you become as little children " a tad to far.

  3. Both Obi-Wan and JudeoJesus agree "only a Sith Lord deals in absolutes".

    The religion in the Galaxy Far Far Away is pure Kabala. The Force oscillates between the Pillar of Mercy and the Pillar of Severity.

    Since Kabala provides the hermeneutic of continuity for the novus ordo counterfeit church, one can see why Fr Roderick is such a fan of Star Wars sci fi.

    The unsung Bothans who stole the plans for Death Stars I and II revealed to the Alliance the one structural weakness of the two space stations. This was the unfortified exhaust port. The nouvs ordo counterfeit has the same structural defect. Even the Emperor knew about that: " Dangerous to your star fleet, Commander - but not this battle station. Oh. Except for the exhaust port. We really should patch that up."

    Yes. Indeed they should. And ass I have mentioned before - JudeoJesus is not pleased with Fr Roderick's high level of carbon emissions.

  4. BB-8 Where are you?The look on his face in that picture on front of video up top...ugh!He needs to be sent to a traditional catholic seminary for 7 years and forced to give up his worldly goods,while doing physical manual labor.I.E. learn how to be a man & priest!!!

  5. At least he is NOT A VALID PRIEST!Nor does this weak child boy celebrate a valid mass.Let the Anglican-esque schismatic unitarian novus ordo have this child boy.

  6. And this guy passed the long and thorough screening process to become a priest?

    Seriously, has the clergy ever been in this perilous of a spiritual state in the entire history of the Church? Satan definitely has unprecedented powers in this twisted age of diabolic disorientation.