Tuesday, January 12, 2016

An Italian clown explains Francis' modernist transformation of the church

Roberto Benigni in his movie, “Life is Beautiful”.

“He is bringing the Church, with all his strength, to a place we have almost forgotten. We don't remember it. He is taking us to Christianity, to Jesus Christ, to the Gospel. He is launching the Church toward Christianity. It is something incredible: The religion of the humanity of God, the divinity of man. He is bringing it. And how is he doing it? Through mercy.”
— Roberto Benigni —

Then a papal nuncio, Pietro Parolin (shown center) in the Tiferet Israel Synagogue of Venezuela after he participated in ‘Sukkot’ service on 24 September 2013. The magazine, ‘Nuevo Mundo Israelita’ translates into English as the ‘New World Israelite’.

“I believe that he does not want to deal with specific cases but instead broaden horizons. He wants to bring the desire to encounter the infinite love of the Lord to people's hearts, the desire to experience the divine gift in our lives. It is far from our human logic but it's necessary to sustain us, to encourage us, to raise us up, and to make us capable of starting over again.”
— Cardinal Pietro Parolin —

Tornielli's dialogue with Francis became this book, ‘The Name of God is Mercy’.

“I believe that the best parts of the book are when he shows his experience, with anecdotes and memories, when he shows the delicacy with which he approaches people in specific situations. It is not a theological or theoretical book. It is a book of experience. I hope that, as the Pope does when he communicates, it speaks from heart to heart.”
— Andrea Tornielli —


  1. Have you had a chance to read this book? Another site is reporting that Bergoglio's niece is a bigamist. Is the niece more of a bigamist than his sister - who seems to have had 3 marriages, but w/civil divorces?

    Obviously, no-one has told Bergoglio to flee from the wrath that is to come, i.e. the flood of Noah's day or the fire of Sodom (Lot's Day).

    How wicked is this generation.

    1. Thankfully, we haven't had the time to even look for a copy of Francis' book.

      The Bergoglio family is very interesting to research...always finding surprises here and there.

  2. Do you know this?
    The Jesuit church of all religions in Rome


  3. 'If happy little bluebirds fly over the rainbow oh why oh why can't I?"

    Good news Dorthy. You can. The Year of Mercy will take us there. It's Noahide. It's Gay friendly. It's Ecumenical. What's not to like?

    We could have world kumbaya with JudeoJesus tomorrow if everyone would just be nice.

    Check out the vestments.

  4. Looks like they overlooked the passages in the Gospel that begin with the words "Woe "!

  5. I stopped reading upon seeing "the divinity of man"
    That is literally a Luciferian idea.