Tuesday, January 5, 2016

At least Francis wasn't making blasphemous jokes about Our Lord this time!

Or alternatively watch here or here.

This video exchange between Francis and a Mexican was recorded by one Mexican monsignor, Monseñor Carlos Alberto Cardona, on 1 January 2016 in St. Peter's Square.  We don't know if the person interacting with Francis was the monsignor or not.

MEXICAN:  “Pope, we are waiting for you in Mexico!”

FRANCIS:  “With or without tequila?”

MEXICAN:  “Lots of tequila!”

More of Francis' jokes:

It's no joke this is what passes for a monsignor today in the Novus Ordo.
Carlos Alberto Cardona in front of a Buddha in Japan.


  1. You will have to find out if it is the "Momseñor" speaking with Bergoglio or not, because at the end, the said Mexican asks Bergoglio to pray for his niece and his daughter!

    1. You never know in the Novus Ordo and after looking at the Monseñor's social media it wouldn't surprise us. Hence our comment. -CMJ

  2. He learned to drink when he was a bouncer at a tango bar...

  3. The novus ordo made holy orders invalid June 30,1968.These boys aren't "priest's" "monsignor's" and "bishop's " they're invalid protestant minister's.

    1. I need to correct myself.The new invalid rite of holy orders was optional until April 5,1969 (after that they were mandatory).In the U.K. it was optional until 1973 or so.If what I read is true,Paul VI urged Bishop's to use invalid of consecration ASAP beginning in July 1968.
      Personally would love to know the last valid bishop's consecrated in traditional rites of holy order's between July 1968-April 1969.Maybe one day I can figure how to learn that info.