Sunday, January 17, 2016

Synagogue of Rome footage


 John Paul II

Benedict XVI

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  1. If the Jews have a 'separate' covenant, I guess they were right to crucify Jesus Christ under 'their' law. Jesus Christ was a Jew sent to the Jews but they were right to crucify Him--and also St. James and try to cause the death of St. Paul (and the rest of the apostles, who were after all stupid, uneducated fishermen (Jesus Christ also who had no education)--not like these sophisticated sodomite perverts who would betray God to glorify themselves (and get attention (peter pan: I've got to crow)).

    It's amazing to me how all these people who know this is heresy, don't realize the insult to Jesus Christ crucified. It took a protestant minister to open my eyes about what they were preaching in my Vc2 church: if, the protestant said, there were any other way to salvation (i.e. to get to heaven), God would be an awful monster to have crucified His son. When I said that to a woman who was wondering if she had to share Jesus Christ w/her Hindu neighbor who seemed a better person than herself another woman in my "Bible Study" at Jolly Redeemer Catholic Church, College Park, MD piped up to inform me that the crucifixion of Jesus Christ wasn't God's divine plan but a "horrible accident". When I asked the priest, Fairy Charles Smarsh, (educated in the Catholic faith (ha ha) at Notre Dame & Dunwoodie) if that was true, he told us we were free to discuss this question among ourselves. When I pressed him for Catholic teaching on this matter (which is the entire basis of Christianity), he ordered me to leave the Bible Study because I was "dominating". Probably w/out his direction I wouldn't have had the presence of mind to leave at this baldfaced heresy being taught in what calls itself the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church founded by Jesus Christ and supposedly leading me to (His) heaven.

  2. Hey, what the heck, they didn't crucify Jesus Christ, the Romans did, study more and more......27 january 2016, the first pope (?) will enter the Rome Mosque for the first time in the world, Guinness be continued.