Saturday, January 9, 2016

The fruits of Francis' “Who am I to judge?” Jubilee of Mercy

First, the attendance was down at Francis' general audiences.

Next, the Holy Door's numbers turned out to be a flub.  

Now, the confessionals are empty for the year of mercy.

“Who are you to judge me?” The confessions of a confessor
(an anonymous letter from a priest)
“The facts are these. Since the opening of the Holy Year backed by Pope Francis and on the occasion of the Christmas festivities of 2015 - as also since Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been sitting on the throne of Peter - the number of faithful who approach the confessional has not increased, neither in ordinary time nor in festive. The trend of a progressive, rapid diminution of the frequency of sacramental reconciliation that has characterized recent decades has not stopped. On the contrary: the confessionals of my church have been largely deserted.”

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  1. My confession lines are good, because I preach about sin and it's consequences, and of the loving mercy of God who desires not the death if the sinner, but that he turn back to God and luve. I am blessed with a 'Holy Door' in my church. It's going over somewhat well. The condition of confession within 20 days hinders many, who just will not go to Confession. I have emphasized going through the door on behalf of the dead for a full plenary indulgence for them. I shared my idea of filling my date book with relatives friends, deceased clergy and religious, and receiving it once a month for myself. I hope 365 days are enough to receive it once a day. I do believe that if parish priests preached sin and redemption,which heaven and he'll as a reality, it leads people to love God which will always bear the fruit of authentic mercy

  2. The communion wafers for the mass, which will be led by Cardinal Antonio Veglio, have been made by three prisoners currently serving sentences for murder in a high-security prison near Milan.

    "These hosts, made by hands that have killed... bear witness that the need to be saved by the love of Christ touches every man and not only those serving a prison sentence," a Migrantes spokesman said.

  3. The custom at our church is confession before holy sacrifice of the mass,daily & weekly.