Saturday, January 23, 2016

the new evangelization in Brazil

Is it Francis’ god of surprises?

We at Call Me Jorge... have no clue other than the description (which we copy & paste below) as to what is going on in this video.  Thanks to the reader who sent us this video.
Catholic priest violently shaking the heads of young childrenA priest yanks hard on children's hair and kicks one up the backside as he tries to avoid him in this astonishing video filmed inside a Brazilian church. The images have caused controversy throughout south America where the footage is going viral. The youngsters are said to have been preparing for their First Communion and the unnamed holy man was reported to have been giving them an unorthodox blessing. 


  1. He was going to give them the traditional blessing ,then the spirit of the God of surprises took him over ,please do not let him baptise infants ,he could do serious damage to a fragile infant.

  2. What is going on here,this is disturbing?!?!