Thursday, January 28, 2016

Who's showing up at Francis' general audiences?

We have extensively covered the decline in attendance at the general audiences of Francis (click here).  Now we begin to examine, just who shows up to hear Francis blabber on and on?  Before we get to who was in attendance, a few screenshots from Radio Vaticana's television coverage of Wednesday's general audience (27 January 2016).  For those who are curious, it was 59 degrees that day.

 Look at that empty square!

 Don't they give away tickets for free to these things?

Better crop out all those empty seats for the weekly kissing of children.

 Keep waving and pretend mobs of people are there to see you, Francis.

 Even the homeless no longer fill the empty seats.

 Where did all the people go?

  Francis' VIP guest box is empty too.

That's it, they must all be in line for the Holy Door!

So who was in attendance?

- Clowns!!!

 Francis wasn't the only clown performing this day!

 Every day is a circus when Francis opens his mouth!

 Who's the funny one here?

 A clown convention in St. Peter's Square.

Francis greets the immodestly dressed clowns.

That's not a clown, it's Cardinal Schönborn!

- Teenage girls!!!

An excited mob to see Francis.

Look! It's teenage fan girls!

They must be overjoyed real men from moslem countries are coming to take them as brides rather than the politically-correct neutered men they have in their respective countries!

“Thanks for all the Moslem men!!!”

 A bird's-eye view of the poorly attended general audience.

For those who want to suffer, here is the entire general audience.


  1. Those squealing girls were probably there for Leonardo Di Caprio

  2. Where have all the crowds gone ,probably run of to become Moslems ,Jewish ,Hindu ,or Atheists ,seems to be the only way to get approval at the Vatican .All their short of doing is putting up a sign saying Catholics not welcome.

  3. Probably everyone was engaged in holocaust remembrance observaces with the elder bros in the faith. Next year if pope Francis wants to bring the circus to town for holocaust remembrance, he should send in the holocaust survivors to tell their stories of how many times they were gassed, how high were the geysers of blood. Maybe they will even sell holosoap in the shape of evil nazi symbols.

    Naturally the cross should not be displayed on the day we commemerate those who have won the all time sufferring sweepstakes.

  4. Are you sure it's not some pervert pedophile clowns? Pretty risque costumes! Backs of the costumes (male) so form fitting look like they are spray-painted. And what about women's breasts as bulging eyeballs?

    He is such a pedophile pervert. Wonder if they had a bear 'simulate' sodomizing di caprio in the square (for the kiddies, 'o course).

  5. I just recently learned we in the Catholic remnant are suppposed to pray daily for the false counter church to fold & for the true Roman Catholic Church to reclaim her former churches,cathedrals,schools,hospitals,home's,etc..This is most likely common knowledge but I am posting this for all who aren't aware of this requirement.
    Also,pray daily for the conversion of all non-Catholics,including Francis & the V2 Novus ordo.

  6. Those 'girls' are women who should be married to Catholic men and raising Catholic families. Alas, they appear to be inebriated instead.