Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Mexican rap song for Francis


  1. Evangelical protestants.

  2. They're ready to start marchin through Sodom pillaging, raping and murdering... to celebrate trannie frannie's jubilee year of mercy! Kill, kill, kill...everyone but convicted felons that is. I mean abortion is a crime, but no call for the western world to ban abortions for the year of mercy. No labeling of Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Hilary Clinton, or Cardinal Danneels as "not Christian" ... but let's fly into a mad rage at a handicapped person (wonder if he will apologize for his "human" error) and then call for contraceptive use to prevent (the chance) of a handicapped child being born on the plane road home (oh what a hero he is to MS Winters & John Hoax Allen).

    But no call for a world-wide ban!

    "Pope Francis came close to a group of handicapped people. According to the spokesman of the Holy See, Fr. Federico Lombardi, one of them grabbed the arm of the Pope and pulled him down in his direction (check video in Spanish here). Francis lost his equilibrium and partially fell over another handicapped man in a wheelchair, first and second rows below. The bodyguards came to his assistance and Francis regained his balance. Right after this occurred, Bergoglio yelled loudly at the mentally ill youth who had accidentally caused the mishap: "Do not be an egoist! Do not be an egoist!" The sequence of facial expressions of papal fury displayed during this outburst is shown on this page."

    No apology just a (fat loud mouth wavin a microphone) call to use birth control to prevent handicapped people being born on the plane ride home:

    And Lombardi backs pope up: use birth control to prevent potentially handicapped births: