Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Another general audience, another immodest circus act

***** WARNING *****
***** IMMODEST DRESS *****
***** WARNING ****

Francis watched the immodestly dressed circus performers gyrate and prance around to rock 'n roll music including the song, ‘Jump’ by Van Halen

Francis also met actor Joseph Fiennes.
Did he congratulate him for his 2003 portrayal of Martin Luther?

Before that Francis kissed a lot of children and waved to the crowd.

 He gave a young boy and girl a ride in the Popemobile.

 Here's a shot of the crowd listening to him talk about Mercy & Justice.

Another view of the crowd attending the general audience.


  1. Bread and circuses

  2. Cold day in Rome? Where have all the people gone, long time passing? Missing Joan Baez.

    1. We forgot to include the weather. The low that day was 51 degrees (F) and the high was 59 degrees (F).


  3. Hades is a miserable. Some can't wait to arrive as they say "at least I'll be with my friends."

  4. Did you ever in your wildest dreams think that there would come a time when you wouldn't want your children to watch something of the Pope??!!