Wednesday, February 24, 2016

At today's general audience...

Francis gave the thumbs up to the Chinese flag

The flag of the People's Republic of China (also referred to as the “Five-star Red Flag”) is red in color to represent the communist revolution.  The five yellow stars represent the unity of the Chinese people under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. 


  1. Jorge is just like Pius XII & Paul VI who praised the United Nations as a great hope for humanity,or the countless V2 "pope's" who met with approved of communist politicians.

    1. Can you provide evidence that Pope Pius XII gave full support to the United Nations? Was he fully aware of the damage that the UN would bring about? How could such a holy Catholic man like Pius XII ever give praise to an establishment that he knew was a tool of the devils?

    2. Christmas 1956 address
      Pius XII praises UN as a great hope for mankind.(look it up its a known fact)
      Pius XII was a very modern,liberal,progressive who destroyed many Roman Catholic traditions from 1951-1958.

    3. My dear friend, you should be very cautious when searching for information on the internet. There are countless of devils who will distort the truth with lies and disinformation.

      Just as there are those who will try to defend the lies of John Paul II, there are also many who will try to destroy the truths of Pius XII.

      If I were you I would deeply pray that the Holy Spirit shows you the true life of Pope Pius XII.

      For all we know, that so called address is one of the Vatican II's many attempts in distorting the image of the last true Pope the Church has known so far.

  2. Anyone who will give him money gets the thumbs up's the moo, moo, moola (stupid)!

  3. There were 4 cats in St.Peter's, where have all the faithful gone, long time passing.....

  4. It's that little finger I think you have to worry about.

    In the Alta Vendita " this little finger is as good for this crusade [destroying the Church] as all the Urban IIs and all the St Bernard's in Christendom".

    And come to think of it that little finger is always sticking out in the wave.

  5. Im anti V2 but I have moxed emotions about him giving thumbs up to the communist nut jobs _ jesus said love thy neighbor maybe hes praising the people and not the flag? Just a thought i could be wrong again Im with you I do not condone V2 just throwing it out there