Thursday, February 4, 2016

Francis is the World Champion of what?

Humbleness? Mercy? Heresy?

Francis is presented a World Champion belt by Mr. Mauricio Sulaiman Saldivar, the World Boxing Council President, to be auctioned off for the NGO, Scholas Occurrentes.  Does Francis support women boxing?  It would appear so.

Francis signing the back of the belt. Scholas Occurrentes is run by José María del Corral, a friend of Jorge Bergolgio's from Argentina. This blog gets its name from Corral's story of his encounter with Jorge after his election to the papacy. (see: "Call me, Jorge, what else?")

Francis signing boxing gloves.  These items will also be auctioned off during the events surrounding the 2nd Soccer Match for Peace which is held by Scholas Occurrentes.  Recall at the 1st Soccer Match for Peace, a 17 year old girl, Tini Stoessel, sang John Lennon's Imagine while dressed in an extremely immodest outfit.  Francis missed this match because at that time he was having a private meeting with a Talmudic Jew of the Chabad sect, Eduardo Elsztain, discussing the debt the government of Argentina owes to international hedge funds.  Much of this debt is controlled by Elsztain's business sponsor, George Soros.


  1. Anything to get a pic of him (her) somewhere. Notice how crucifix (?) is covered up per usual. Maybe s/he will appear topless w/some Zika beads for mardi gras (not that it would shrink the size of it's head!).

  2. Maybe WWE should hire Bergolio's gaurdian demon. The Real Undertaker.

  3. POPE FRANCIS to RESIGN in 2016 ? Part of a Hidden Agenda?