Saturday, February 27, 2016

the Talmudic infection of Christianity

...reading Christ & the New Testament 
through the Talmud

We came upon this book over at Crux Now (Covering All Things Catholic).  What a load of garbage!  The rabbi who wrote the book says that Jesus didn't found a Church nor Christianity.  This same rabbi also writes that Christians need to re-think Jesus with the help of the Talmudic rabbis.  Crux Now, a purported Catholic website encourages their readership to buy and read the book.

more trash from the rabbi


  1. Jesus Christ didn't found a Church--the Catholic Church is the continuation of the Jewish Church. The Jews like the VC2 apostates simply rejected God by rejecting His son, the Messiah, Jesus Christ. Does the Rabbi get it yet--or is he still teaching that Jesus Christ is NOT the Messiah (and thus serving Satan, like bergoglio and all his evil henchmen).

  2. No Catholic pays attention to Crux Now. It's an abomination. It's simply another mouthpiece for the fifth column, Judaic-Talmudic-banking cabal that took over the Church centuries ago.

    1. Indeed. It doesn't read like a Catholic site at all. It's comment section could well be that of the Huffington Post. Anyone is welcome to spew their hatred of the Church, but dare to criticise the 'Elder Brothers' and your comment is removed.