Sunday, February 14, 2016

Time, Alchemy, Usury, Debt, Slavery, and the Catholic Church

A portrait of the Franciscan friar, Fra Luca Bartolomeo de Pacioli, who is considered, ‘The Father of Accounting and Bookkeeping’ due to being the first person to publish a work on the double-entry system of book-keeping.

“The Conjurer,” painted by Hieronymus Bosch (between 1496 – 1520). The painting accurately displays a performer doing the cups and balls routine, which has been practiced since Egyptian times. The shell game does have some origins in this old trick. The real trick of this painting is the pickpocket who is working for the conjurer. The pickpocket is robbing the spectator who is bent over. (Source: Wikipedia) 


  1. Many "Roman Catholics" don't want to read about or know this type of history.In their utter and complete denial,they want to make believe everything was perfect until "Francis."
    Reality check,Satan has from day 1 been trying to destroy the Roman Catholic Church.(remember Simon Magus)The V2 church will implode and crumble,we must be patient,pray,and obey the commands of our Blessed Lord.

  2. What an excellent compilation of links to research leads on the Judeo-Luciferian penetration of the Catholic Church with usury! I hope you approve that I linked to it on my usury page here:

  3. Traditional Catholic father of 8 and Husband died suddenly & tragically.
    Would you all mind posting this link to help his wife pay for his expenses?

  4. written in the Book of Revelations that people will be marked with the number ‘666′. As Holy Scripture says, the ancient Hebrews laid a tax on the peoples they conquered in various wars. The yearly tax was equal to 666 talents of gold. (3 Kings 10:14, 2 Chronicles 9:13.) Today, in order to subjugate the whole world they’ll once again introduce the old tax number linked to their glorious past. That is, ‘666′ is the number of mammon. Everything is going as planned. They put the number a long time ago on credit cards. As a result, he who is not marked with the number ‘666′ will be unable to buy, sell, get a loan, or find work.