Saturday, March 5, 2016

Humble Francis goes to reconciliation

2016 Edition

2015 Edition

2014 Edition

It's like déjà vu!


  1. The stage-craft of false humility. I can't believe there are still people who can't see through these cheap public demonstrations of overt pride. I'm sure on his way to the bathroom he hugs twelve cripples and kisses fourteen babies. IF there are cameras around......

  2. What Mr. Bergoglio is whispering... "You know, I'm getting really tired playing the pope. How long until my good friend, Antichristo, finally arrives?"

  3. Not even St. Francis of Assisi, may Our Lord hear his prayers, would ever practice his deep devotions in public view. He would always close the doors of the chapel, wait until his brothers were sleeping, or go farther into the verdant woods to speak with Christ. And when it came to confession, he would always hide under his hood during mass and when the people left, he would then reveal himself to the priest and made his confession in private. Bergoglio might deserve many other names. But it is not Francis.

  4. Jennifer Lawrence recently donated millions to a children's hospital.
    Of course,there were TV cameras and interviews to let us useful idiots realize her loving charitable soul made this possible.
    It's arrogant to project attention on yourself,especially in the name of humility and charity.(I agree with your statement 100%)