Tuesday, March 22, 2016

the new evangelization in the mess of the novus ordo


  1. It's like a virus ,it's actually quite scary.

  2. Right now it is rainbows, hugs, and smiles.

    Very soon there shall be thunder, fire, and hailstones.

    And when that moment comes to be, all the eyes of the blind and ears of the deaf shall see and hear the Judge on His Throne.

  3. My Lord, I know must be patient and tranquil in heart. But it would be best for Your Church if a storm of tornadoes came down on these heathens and obliterate all this mockery of Your Sacred Foundation.

  4. You want to watch goofy characters dancing on stage? Go to Disneyland or Sesame Street.

    You want to have a party? Go to a disco and have all the fun you want.

    You want to listen to rock and pop? Head to the music theater.

    Our Father's House is a House of Prayer and Worship, and those who turn into a den of thieves and pagans will only find themselves wrapped in the chains of eternal damnation.

  5. Can anyone tell me where I might find a sacred seminary of salesians that stays true to the old faith? Never veering away from the light of truth as revealed by Jesus Christ? I can no longer stand the sight of this abomination taking over the minds of God's chosen ones.

  6. For JudeoXtianity the problem with the faith of the Church is too much cross and not enough sunshine, lollipops and LBGTIQ rainbows.

    JudeoJesus says: "cross and resurrection is out. The same g_d we all worship wants world kumbaya not dogma and smogma. Check your White priviledge children. Don't trash mother gaia. If you are happy and you know it - clap your hands. Buy the world a Coke."