Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Tim Sebastian turns the screw on Bp. Fellay


for those pressed for time

this video clip sums up the interview

How much longer will Bp. Fellay continue to be the superior general of the FSSPX?


  1. Fellay shouldn't be surprised. He knows that for quite some time he has had his mouth in the wrong place, so he should be prepared to swallow anything and everything!

  2. OK,it's obvious this interview was set up by the zionist/masonic Vatican 2 novus ordo.The SSPX is fixing to be reintegrated into the novus ordo and they (sspx) have to pass the Jewish test.
    What's disgusting is how Bishop Fellay squirms in fear facing this "uber-mensch."Secondly,only a spineless vain greedy back stabber would talk smack about his former friend & colleague.(i.e. referring to his refutation of Bishop Williamson)
    I hold the sedevacantist position but still disappointed to see the SSPX fade into the zionist/masonic novus ordo dustbin of history.
    If Archbishop LeVebre had been more firm and consistent in his stance against the novus ordo,his spiritual sons may not be selling their souls for 3o pieces of silver as we speak!

  3. The Pharisaical rabbis ARE the enemies of Christ and are therefore enemies of the Church. The ADL is part of and runs interference for the Judaic criminal syndicate. [Read, "The Ugly Truth About the ADL" by the Executive Intelligence Review] or listen to the multi-part audio recorded by Milton (Bill) Cooper in the early 1990s regarding the ADL, available on youtube.]

    Fellay is a spineless weasel who has to eat his words because he SO badly wants to rub elbows with the cryptos in Rome, that he has to sit through this a-hole 'journalist' giving him a tongue lashing. This a-hole throws in everything but the kitchen sink--Nazis, Holohoax, Muslims, "anti semite", blah, blah, blah.
    The only 'outrage' is the ongoing lie of the Judaics as perpetual victims. If I were Fellay I'd have kicked him where the sun doesn't shine and left the room. A bishop of Christ's true Church shouldn't willingly endure that kind of harassment.

  4. BTW, this Sebastian guy was tossed from Russia years ago. He claims he was tossed when Great Britain expelled some Soviet spies and it was an exchange of people--he claims he wasn't a spy. Ha.

  5. Bp Fellay has been able to speak strongly calling antiPope Francis a 'Modernist' but here was utterly weak and incapable of speaking up for Truth.