Friday, March 18, 2016

Usury and the prison of Time

This isn't the usual post on Francis but does pertain to him.  Francis is always lamenting about how greedy hoarders not sharing their possessions is the cause of all poverty.  This is done usually in his homilies, general audiences, and interviews.  His behavior however betrays him as he has usurers, moneylenders, and bankers alike as personal guests at the Vatican City State.  Francis himself is a moneylender being that he is in charge of the Vatican Bank (IOR) and is also an advocate of micro-usury.  Not only are Francis’ words hypocritical, they ring hollow.

The blog Psalmistice recently put up a post which uses a modern day television show named, Once Upon A Time, to demonstrate how the evils of debt money and usury enslave one in the prison of Time.  A very interesting entry as well as a must read.  Our kudos to Mr. McKay for his work!

usury comes with a very steep price

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