Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Francis, “But I belong to this religion, or to that one… it doesn’t matter!”

It’s the ‘humble’ iPope of surprises making an 
unexpected appearance at Earth Day Italia!

“Look, these are the things that come to my mind. How to do this? Simply in the awareness that we all have something in common, we’re all human. And in this humanity, we can get close to each other to work together … “But I belong to this religion, or to that one …” it doesn’t matter!

Let’s all go forward to work together, respecting each other, respecting! I see this miracle: the miracle of a desert that becomes a forest. Thanks for everything you do!”

source: Crux, Pope Francis on Earth Day: ‘Transform deserts into forests!’
source: Vatican, Words of Francis during his visit to the exhibition ‘For the Earth Village’ at Villa Borghese for World Day of Earth 2016, (in Italian)

iPope Francis’ speech


Enjoy this brief clip of rap song played for Francis at the event


...be sure to get your EarthCube which Francis was passing out
promoting the NWO religion of global warming & sustainable mother earth

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  1. Someone on another site remarked he meant in day to day social interaction,for example if someone asks you for help ,you do not make your help conditional on their religion.if he did ,it could have been made clearer