Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bp. Fellay gives his side of the story

After having a disastrous interview with Tim Sebastian of the Conflict Zone for Deutsche Welle, Bp. Fellay followed it up with softer interview conducted by Edward Pentin of National Catholic Register. Many topics are discussed:
(Part 1) the excommunications, relations & discussions with Rome, why there has never been a break with Rome; SSPX doesn't trust Rome; the FSSP, Bp. Williamson; Benedict XVI & Summorum Pontificum; Benedict XVI & lifting of some of the excommunications; Vatican intrigue; Francis’ paradoxical and confusing behavior; SSPX is not in schism, need clarification on what is magisterium; are Francis’ teachings binding?; Francis & Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith operate in two different manners but they both come to the same conclusion about the SSPX; is Vatican II binding?; you can question Nostra Aetate, the liturgical reforms, etc.... and still be Catholic; problem of obedience.
(Part 2) obstacles to full communion with Rome; SSPX recognizes the authorities; no compromise on the Faith; dangers of modernist Rome; Bp. Williamson is wrong; the SSPX will not become modernist; Rome has become more lenient to the SSPX; is the SSPX coming to the rescue of Rome?; God’s merciful hand is bringing the SSPX back to Rome; Francis is paradoxical; to Fellay, Francis is someone who wants to see everyone saved; Francis knows the SSPX from Argentina and he knows they care. 
(Part 3) the church is in a messy situation; the problem isn’t the SSPX, it is the church (Rome); there are others who criticize Rome besides the SSPX; no insistence of a bishop of the SSPX becoming a cardinal; will Vatican II be corrected?; is the SSPX behind Fellay?; we are entering a new phase in the history of the church; women deacons; does Francis listen to Fellay?; Francis possibly wants the SSPX to be controversial in a Hegelian way; Bp. Williamson is gone and his consecrating new bishops is him stepping further into the abyss, he needs our prayers; SSPX holds to the principle of obedience; Our Lady of Fatima and the 3rd secret; ‘diabolical disorientation’ is at the top; Benedict XVI’s book The Salt of the Earth; La Salette and the Eclipse of the Church.

Edward Pentin’s interview of Bp. Fellay (Part 1)

Edward Pentin’s interview of Bp. Fellay (Part 2)

Edward Pentin’s interview of Bp. Fellay (Part 3)

Interestingly, Francis was interviewed on 9 May 2016 by the French newspaper La Croix and had this to say about the FSSPX and bishops Fellay & Williamson:
– On April 1, you received Bishop Bernard Fellay, superior-general of the Priestly Fraternity of St Pius X. Is the re-integration of the Lefebvrists into the Church again under consideration? 
Pope Francis: In Buenos Aires, I often spoke with them. They greeted me, asked me on their knees for a blessing. They say they are Catholic. They love the Church.
Bishop Fellay is a man with whom one can dialogue. That is not the case for other elements who are a little strange, such as Bishop Williamson or others who have been radicalized. Leaving this aside, I believe, as I said in Argentina, that they are Catholics on the way to full communion. 
During this year of mercy, I felt that I needed to authorize their confessors to pardon the sin of abortion. They thanked me for this gesture. Previously, Benedict XVI, whom they greatly respect, had liberalized the use of the Tridentine rite mass. So good dialogue and good work are taking place. 
– Would you be ready to grant them the status of a personal prelature? 
Pope Francis: That would be a possible solution but beforehand it will be necessary to establish a fundamental agreement with them. The Second Vatican Council has its value. We will advance slowly and patiently.
source: the latest anti-Catholic bilge spewing from Francis’ mouth in French interview

This is quite the contrast to how Bp. Williamson feels about Rome and Francis.  In a Question and Answers session from a 1 June 2014 conference in Post Falls, Idaho, Williamson said the following,
“Can you imagine?  That commanding resistant priests is like trying to herd cats.  Can you imagine?  Is it unimaginable?  In which case, is it worth trying if it's bound to fail? In it's...  It may be better not to attempt than to attempt and fail.  Some of you may think it would be better to attempt cause it might succeed.  I don't have the authority.  I don't, I..., I...,   
If ..., if ..., if ... by some miracle, Pope Francis rang me up next week and said,  
"Your Excellency, you and I have had our divergences, but right now I am authorizing you to found a society.  You go right ahead for the good of the Church."   
"Uh, Holy Father, can I have that  in writing?"    
"Do you mind if I come to Rome and get that with your signature?"  
"Yes, of course."   
Then I'd be on the next plane to Rome.  I'd be on the next plane to Rome!  But without that, we're up a creek without a paddle.  And I don't, there's  not a solution.  So, in the resis..., in what is called the resistance movement, you're going to have a problem of authority.  Get used to the idea.”
source: Bp. Williamson gives a shoutout to Francis

So now we know where the positions of Bp. Fellay, Francis, and Bp. Williamson are with regard to each other.

Where will this tango end?

Francis said some time ago, “I love the tango a lot. It is something that comes from inside me.” Which is interesting because only 9 days ago he said, “This is a sin committed by two parties, like the tango!”


  1. The pivotal statement (which is RATz' deepest desire also: a new new mass, i.e. 're4m' the 're4m' (sure it's already written)): 'Francis possibly wants the SSPX to be controversial in a Hegelian way.' Would love to know what they have on Fellay. While it could be flattery that bought him seems to me when Fellay said his sin was that "he talked too much" that VC2 might have him/his henchmen on tape saying things in the "negotiations" that would destroy them w/members of SSPX.

    You might want to change your dance video for this one of perverse trannie piggie: Les Brigandes - Jèze Society

  2. Whilst some UK diocesan clergy are searching their souls regarding a relationship with Franciscus, +Fellay is talking t him with a view to regularisation? Even though Kasperite Germany and The Low Countries are both in de facto schism and 'bed' with Franciscus. I am not a fan of +Williamson but he must be laughing his head off. The position becoming more ludicrous by the day. JMJ Pray For Us.

  3. I hope the sspx faithful wake up & leave when bishop Bernie officially joins the novus ordo.

  4. It's my belief the novus ordo is acquiring the SSPX to destroy their valid apostolic succession and subsequently deprive tens of thousands of souls of valid sacramental grace.
    Bishop Bernie seems to be enjoying the long hard road to Hell given his recent numerous media accolades.

    1. Yeah, and getting their property and money isn't too bad either.
      The SSPX members are going to lose everything that has been built up since the 1970s unless they lock the doors on these traitors now and take legal action against them. They better lawyer up because asking 'pretty please' isn't going to work.