Sunday, May 1, 2016

In case you were wondering...


  1. Do the Novus Ordoites wonder who pays for the staff that needs to wade and sift through the tons of garbage emails and reams of garbage letters sent to Bergoglio?

    A possible sample communication:

    My Dear "Papa" Francesco,
    Our parish priest is totally unfeeling and uncaring about our irregular situation. He actually wants my partner and I to try to live a life of continency because we've each been married before and we've been in some other irregular situations too. Does that make us bad, my dear "Papa"? We have four children from our different irregular unions and we are taking a few psychotherapeutic drugs to help us in our quest for balance in our lives. This very retro priest at our local novus ordo temple insists that we can't receive Holy Communion (sic). He claims we need to make a commitment to live as brother and sister first. That is totally uncalled for and unforgiving and we know the Catholic Church of Churchianity is totally about Holy Mercy and receiving us as we are! After all, dear "Papa" who is he to judge us? Please see to it that we are able to continue to receive all of the churchianity 'sacraments' or we will be forced to consider our other options.
    We remain yours in the Trinity of Solomon, Hiram, and Hiram Abiff,
    Mr. and Mr. J. Q. Public.

    1. If there was an up arrow ^. Very funny and clever, because the sample letter shows the truth of how absurd the New Order Church is.