Friday, May 6, 2016

Israel loves Moslems especially when they are invading Europe!

IsraAid helps de-Christianize Europe Moslem at a time!

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Sponsors of IsraAid & the Moslem invasion of Europe


  1. "...especially when they are invading Europe."
    The country of Israel protects it's borders; it has a wall that works well. Jorge at the Vatican has an effective wall, too. Paul Ryan, the Facebook guy, and the country of Mexico are other examples of this same overt hypocrisy. The globalists' big social justice invasion, um business, is rampant but I didn't know Israel and some of her Doctors of Medicine were on board, too, tisk, tisk, Lesbos, of all places...eye roll, Jorge, eye roll.

  2. Never forget that Isaac and Ismael were brothers.....

  3. The usual suspects, none of whom would ever think to take these refugees into Palestine of course. But they're there to 'lend a hand' to Europe to see to it that it is mongrelized and de-Christianized. You've got to hand it to our 'elder brothers in faith'. They really have no shame and plenty of b*lls.

  4. that part of the world will never be at peace, for the same reason that Ishmael and Isaac were brothers. Until God return is when all will be settled.