Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Lady Gaga & the new evangelization

An article posted today over at Crux News titled, Lady Gaga’s Mass pics and posts on faith stir Catholic reaction, starts off with these words,
“Generally speaking, when the Catholic Church looks around for allies in spreading the Gospel, it tends to look naturally to other Christians, perhaps, or people publicly associated with religious faith and values.
Now, however, the Church is getting a social media boost from a highly unexpected source: Lady Gaga.
In between posting pictures of herself attending red-carpet events, singing at the Oscars, and sitting on top of a naked man wearing nothing but her underwear, in recent weeks the American songwriter, singer and actress has also posted two pictures of herself attending a Catholic Mass.”

Below is the photo she posted of herself immodestly dressed before attending a Novus Ordo Mess on 24 April 2016 at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral.  What can we say other than she must have learned this behavior from the nuns who taught her at the Convent of the Sacred Heart (an elite K-12 school currently costing $44,735 per year to attend) in Manhattan, New York City.

Here’s the second photo which Crux News fawns all over.  Look, it’s Lady Gaga dressed in immodest pants once again but she’s with a priest so it’s all good!

Photo of Lady Gaga (aka Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta) with John Duffell in her father’s restaurant.  source: Instagram@ladygaga

Caption which appeared with the above photo.

So who is this Fr. John Duffell?

According to New Ways Ministry: “Fr. Duffell: as a way of welcome, he frequently mentions sexual orientation in homilies. Response to him is positive.”

Catholic Link responds to Lady Gaga’s instagram posts.

Lady Gaga is called out for living a lifestyle devoid of Catholic values such as modesty and purity.  source: Instagram@ladygaga

Lady Gaga’s response justifying her immodest dress and impurity.  Notice she doesn’t repent of her sins nor make an effort to be a Catholic.  Forget a contrite heart...“Who am I to Judge?”   

And not surprisingly Catholic Link gushed about Lady Gaga’s above response in the post, Why did Lady Gaga Reply to Catholic-Link on Instagram? Our Response.  In it they quote Francis and write of God’s tender love and mercy.

What Lady Gaga prays for.

This is the what Lady Gaga prays for the temporal not the spiritual.

Let’s recap, the lamestream media outlets Crux News and Catholic Link are in a tizzy that Lady Gaga is posting photos of herself before and after attending the Novus Ordo Missae as well as a Bible quote here and there with a new-age prayer...let’s canonize her, she must be a saint!  The reality is we have a bi-sexual woman who dresses in the latest lesbian chic, promotes immodesty and materialism, performs a Satanic ritual in one of her music videos, appears to be a mind control victim, and a shill for the Illuminati being sold to the public as a great person because she posts a few things on social media which have no resemblance to Catholicism other than the trappings.  How sad and to quote Christopher Ferrara it must be “diabolical disorientation” at the least and spiritual possession at the worst.  Keep Stefani Germanotta, John Duffell, and the writers over at Crux News and Catholic Link in your prayers.

For more on Lady Gaga and how perverted her music and agenda are see Vigilant Citizen’s exposes on her and her music.  (Warning link contains immodest images and subject matter.)


  1. "Joe Germanotta made his fortune in hotel Wi-Fi, becoming wealthy enough to buy a duplex on the Upper West Side and send his daughters (all 2 of them) to the Convent of the Sacred Heart private school."


    Here's the Catholic take on Warhol: "Andy Warhol – a Celibate Catholic? Find out why he may have been a better Christian than you are...If you misjudged Andy Warhol as a fame- and money-seeking dissolute, you could make amends by praying for his soul"
    - See more at:

    Many priests live this celibate lifestyle: "The earlier pieces feature some fairly tame penis drawings; a note accompanying one of these early sketches explains that it was common practice for the artist to approach male guests at a party and enquire, "Can I draw your cock?" Later lots capture Gay Pride marches and parties on Fire Island; there are tender portraits of his intimates... as well as plenty of shots that more or less qualify as porn. [you can view if agree to view explicit porn]

    What a pity Warhol kept Catholicism under wraps--how many youth converts he could have brought to Cardinal Edwin/Keith O'Brien's orgies: "The cops often drop in, and small wonder. ''Anything goes in the dark end of the loft,'' she writes, ''needles, sodomy, handcuffs, beatings, chains.'' Warhol himself pops Obetrol, ''a kind of speed,'' as casually as ''breath mints.'' Eric Emerson, a ''pretty, psychedelic playboy,'' goes around in rodeo garb, his exposed genitals sprayed in gold paint. Ondine, another regular, is the ''Queen of Drugs,'' mainlining on methedrine. ''We threw Andy out of our orgy,'' he says to the author at one point. ''All he did was watch.'' And so it goes, this perverse ''Our Gang'' comedy, with Warhol as charismatic - though always detached - ringleader. ''He stays cool, remote, observant,...uch spookier, however, is his voyeuristic estrangement from human feeling. When he hears, in 1964, that a drugged dancer and Factory familiar, Freddy Herko, has killed himself by pirouetting out of a window, Warhol says, ''What a shame we didn't run out there with our camera to film it.'' The death of Edie Sedgwick, the one-time Warhol superstar, from drug addiction in 1971 is only of ''passing interest'' to him. He does not attend the funeral of his mother, his closest companion for 40 years, nor does he reveal to anyone her death in 1972 until asked about her several years later. He tells himself ''she's gone to Bloomingdale's,'' he reports to the author. In the early 70's, after a nervous and physical breakdown, Ultra Violet - a lapsed Catholic as were so many other Factory hands, she points out - accepts God.[WmtTwa,1,IteHti,1,2,3,BAWIwa,2]

  2. Yeah, you might not have known this.

    According to the wonderful book The Religious Art of Andy Warhol, by Jane Daggett Dillenberger, the man remained celibate, a fact revealed by his own declaration of virginity and at his eulogy, where it was recalled that “as a youth he was withdrawn and reclusive, devout and celibate, and beneath the disingenuous mask that is how he at the heart remained.”

    He deliberately concealed who he was to the public — famously answering questions with “uh, no” or “uh, yes” — and he certainly concealed the fact that he wore a cross on a chain around his neck, carried with him a missal and a rosary, and volunteered at the soup kitchen at the Church of Heavenly Rest in New York.

    He went to Mass — often to daily Mass (external - login to view)— sitting at the back, unnoticed, awkwardly embarrassed lest anyone should see he crossed himself in “the Orthodox way” — from right shoulder to left instead of left to right. He financed his nephew’s studies for the priesthood, and — according to his eulogy — was responsible for at least one person’s conversion to the Catholic faith. [features pic of warhol w/JP2]

    Joseph Campbell explains to Paul Johnson how to turn tricks in Andy Warhol's ground breaking gay movie My Hustler 1965.

  3. Andy Warhol made schlock/kitch and called it art. Among his blasphemous works was a rip-off of The Last Supper. Also responsible for playing a major role in the lefty punk scene (rebel from your parents). A total degenerate just like Lady Gaga.

  4. I have to say I love Andy Warhol. And I love his Last Supper painting. No one can judge another's soul - although of course we can judge their actions. The sixties were a terrible time, it is true, and a lot of us did a lot of things we regret. Andy believed in God and returned to God in the seventies. I am willing to give him the benefit of the doubt. His art was modern, but still great. He worked hard - and he had a good heart and a good sense of humor. He was nothing like Lady Gaga, he had real talent and intelligence and goodness.