Thursday, June 23, 2016

According to Francis: Christ was dirty, failed against morality, and behaved like a fool!!! is the only one of two places in the English speaking media we have seen report on what else Francis said (besides his comments on marriage) during the opening speech at the pastoral conference of the diocese of Rome.

Francis said of Christ that he was:

“a little behaving like a fool” 


“he failed against morality”

Francis also said,

“And who is dirty more than the hands of Jesus.”


“Jesus (himself) got dirty (even) more.” 

The only other site to our knowledge that has reported on these remarks plus others about ‘the mystery of Judas’, his confusion of statues of Jesus & Judas, and Francis saying that Christ was ‘unclean’ is Rorate Caeli which translated an article by Antonio Socci on these matters.

For those readers who can read Italian, Francis’ partially sanitized remarks can be found by clicking here, on the Vatican’s website.

Those readers who understand Italian can find these remarks and a whole lot more by suffering through this unedited video of Francis blabbering heresies and blasphemies galore.


  1. It's OK,Bishop Fellay is busy holding in his hands the whole of Traditional Catholicism.(That is sarcasm)Apparently,We can commune with and join Christ hating heretics who mock the Crucifixion with Vatican 2 documents.Yet,still be able to deceive the masses that we are Roman Catholic by celebrating the 'Mass of 1962'..(the sspx has valid priests and Bishop's I will concede.Once they 'officially' join the 'novus ordo' that will be stopped asap.)

  2. If a lil' girl in pigtails says it (no matter how old she is and how immodest her top), was it really said? Does anyone take it seriously (even the reporter) or do they just know next week she'll be 'reporting' again [for the record, like Rorate], not to DO anything--just in one ear and out the other like a house built on sand.

  3. Not all their priests are valid. They no longer conditionally re-ordain Novus Ordo priests who come into their fold.

    Seattle Kim

    1. Maybe Rome has Fellay over the Society's Liernart lineage. If Rome expresses doubt over the Society's holy orders then things may be expresso finito for the SSPX!

    2. If that were to happen,Fellay is working hand in glove with the novus ordo cabal.Not being apart of the SSPX I have no dog in this fight.The Lienart line is valid according to Roman Catholic canon law.

    3. That is something I know nothing about. The Lienart line ????

    4. SSPX has never been valid. According to what law? Lefebve was "ordained" a bishop by a mason, but it gets better, he was also "ordained" "priest" by said mason. Valid? It would be a miracle.