Thursday, June 2, 2016

Another homily, another heresy from the lips of Francis!

The heresy Francis teaches:

“To this people Jesus, because he knew temptation in Himself, reproaches: ‘You traverse half the world to have one proselyte, and when you find him, you make him a slave.’ This people thus organized, this Church so organized, makes slaves – and so it is understandable how Paul reacts when he speaks of slavery to the law and of the liberty that grace gives: a people is free, a Church is free, when it has memory, when it makes room for prophets, when it does not lose hope.”
— Francis’ Monday homily, 30 May 2016 —

This isn’t difficult, it is basic stuff a Catholic should know. 

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  1. Bergoglio and Team B are prophets of doom for the anti-Christ. They sacrifice children and lead them in satanic devil worship--Bergoglio praises baby murderers, sexual deviants, and those who thumb their nose at God. He 'liberates' Catholics from serving God and enchains them to the devil. He is a stinking vase of iniquity--a plugged toilet overflowing menstrual blood and feces. May God rebuke him!