Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Catholics in Italy are told to recite the Rosary in silence at St. Anthony's Church, so as not to offend the African Moslem invaders occupying it

Moslem ‘refugees’ being taken to their new ‘temporary’ home, of
Chiesa Sant’Antonio alle Gianchette, flash the victory sign.

The town of Ventimiglia in Northern Italy has recently been overwhelmed by Moslem invaders.  Originally they were living on church property in Rome but had to move on to Ventimiglia in order to make way for the newest Moslem invaders.  Caritas International has decided to house 600 of them in the local church of Sant’Antonio (St. Anthony’s).  The Moslem invaders are living in the church, parish hall, and in tents on an outdoor cemented sports area.
“Some faithful, in church to recite the rosary, were invited by Caritas volunteers to pray in silence. A faithful responded “Put the migrants into another church.” Then arrived the parish priest, don Rito, who accompanied the women to another place of worship.”

In case one thought the above quote was a fluke, don Rito Alvarez also said,
“It is an untenable situation, we need to find alternatives very quickly, these foreigners are not enjoying proper treatment on the human level.”

Don’t worry don Rito Alvarez has taken to giving instruction the Moslem invaders. He has set up ‘an ecology (green) island of good luck’ in order to teach the Moslems the importance of recycling! Isn’t it great to see Francis’ Laudato si' being put into action?

For those readers concerned with the Moslem invaders, their rights, and their celebration of Ramadan...have no fear.  From the beginning of Ramadan on Sunday, June 5 until its conclusion on the the evening of Tuesday, July 5 the Moslem invaders have been promised exclusive use of the parish hall!  This isn’t an abnormal situation as additional invaders are also being housed at the nearby Chiesa San Nicola (St. Nicholas’s Church).

Many of these Moslem invaders long to enter France where they undoubtedly believe a better life awaits them in one of the Sharia no-go suburbs and they have been stopped several times marching towards France.

This policy of housing Moslem invaders in churches and church property isn’t new, in fact Francis said on 09 September 2013,
“Dear men and women religious, empty convents are not for the Church to transform into hotels and make money from them. Empty convents are not ours, they are for the flesh of Christ: refugees. The Lord calls us to be generous and courageous in welcoming people into empty convents. Of course this is no simple task; discernment and responsibility are required; but courage is also needed. We do a great deal; perhaps we are called to do more, by welcoming and sharing what Providence has given us to serve others, with determination.”

Was Francis being truthful and now Italy is so overwhelmed with refugees there are no longer any empty convents and churches to house these Moslem invaders or was it his intention all along to house the Moslem invaders in active parishes where they displace the native born Italian Catholics?  We bet if inquired, Francis would say it was “the god of surprises!”

a video from Sicily in 2014

Click here to watch a video of St. Anthony’s in Ventimiglia last week.

— photos from Ventimiglia —

Parishioners can’t recite the rosary at St. Anthony’s anymore,
for fear of offending the Moslem guests.

Is it a Catholic church or a mosque?

The Italian media is reporting that the Moslem ‘refugees’ are just like us, they like to play football.

don Rito Alvarez



  1. read "camp of the Saints"!!!!!!!!

  2. I tremble at the thought of the thousands of Italian Catholic martyrs who now cry out for justice. Bergoglio had blood on his hands while in Argentina and will now have more blood on his hands in Italy and Europe. Despicable isn't strong enough to describe him.

  3. In the marxist class struggle; The "new poor"(Proletariat) for the heretical Marxist liberation theology are Muslim invaders ( indigenous and gay) because those heretical Marxist believe they have been oppressed by the Catholic Church ( bourgeoisie)

    Bergoglio serves Soros rather than God(Who is who is behind the Muslim invasion ) "vicar of NOM, urges Catholics to fill Europe with Muslim refugees" 
    Francis compares Jihad with the Great Commission also says Muslims Must Breed With Europeans

  4. Of course the prayer of Rosary offends them because precisely thanks to the prayer of the Rosary Our Lady stopped the Muslim invasion. In the Treatise on True Devotion to the Blessed Virgin, St. Louis de Montfort teaches us that the Virgin Mary will lead us in the fight against Satan, to battle against the army of the Antichrist; formed by heretics, apostates, wicked, idolaters and Mohammedans. Saint Louis adds that in these latter times, the Blessed Virgin will raise up great saints, who will extend the empire of Jesus Christ over "the impious, the idolaters and the Muslims."

  5. "Pope" Francis was awarded the Charlemagne Prize for 2016 “in recognition of his efforts at global peace and cross-cultural understanding…” The prize emphasizes European unification. The list of the names of the people who get this prize are largely globalists. Jorge and his New Order Church is all in with the invasion.

  6. Correction: ...'are' all in...
    The majority of 'Catholic" Italians must have folded to the non-Catholic New Order new religion and it's new politics... not to mention being overpowered by the overlords in the EU... which has made it possible for Italy to be occupied by invaders of all stripes, most especially the one's occupying the Vatican City State.

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    Thanks for exponsing Bergoglio heresies. May God protect you and bless :)

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  9. Caritas, Manos Unidas and CONFER invent the"new 10 commandments" The Decalogue, to mocking the 10 commandments of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, includes the following principles: you support the cause of the poor; you will rediscover the value of simplicity in your life; You'll appreciate the importance of your everyday behavior; you will appreciate the diversity of our world; and you'll encourage a personal, ecclesial and communal conversion."

    Caritas is also Mocking the fourth commandment: Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.
     Caritas 10 commandments
    «4. Honour the earth and work to combat climate change, so that you will live a
    long life and so as to give yourself and all people on earth a better life.
    No-one today any longer denies the reality of climate change. However, we know far too little
    about the devastating effects on the supply of food to people in the poorest countries of the
    world. Lack of rain leads to long-lasting droughts. Floods destroy soil over the long term and
    contribute towards land erosion. At the same time, for millions of people, drinking water is
    becoming more scarce. An internationally-binding climate-protection treaty with ambitious
    objectives is urgently needed.»