Friday, June 17, 2016

Francis’ rabbinical buddies publishing new book

 The announcement announcing El Concilio Vaticano II y Los Judíos (The Second Vatican Council and the Jews).

 get the book at Latin American Rabbinical Seminary's website

The book, El Concilio Vaticano II y los judíos: 50 años de diálogo Judeo Cristiano relatado desde sus líderes (The Second Vatican Council and the Jews: 50 years of Judeo Christian dialogue told from their leaders), edited by rabbi Abraham Skorka and rabbi Ariel Stofenmacher is being published the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary.  It includes a small selection of writings from Talmudic Jews and Novus Ordo modernists including; 

Jorge Mario Bergoglio-Jorge Maria Mejia-Abraham Skorka-Norberto Padilla-Carlos Escudé (Nachman ben Avraham Avinu) -Joseph Miguez Bonino-Yattah-Celina Lértora Ernesto Mendoza-Daniel Goldman-Carlos Cerda-Alejandro Ariel Bloch-Stofenmacher-Victor Manuel Fernandez Marcelo Polakoff-José María Arancedo-Mario Rojzman-Rafael Braun-Mario Hendler-Guillermo Bronstein-Michel Schlesinger-Leandro Tomchinsky Galanternik-Shmuel Szteinhendler

 Look it’s rabbi Ariel Stofenmacher the co-editor of the book.

Here's rabbi Ariel Stofenmacher, on 25 May 2016, in the Metropolitan Cathedral in Buenos aires Argentina commemorating the founding of Argentina with a Te Deum. From left to right: Kissag Archbishop Mouradian, Primate of the Armenian Apostolic Church in Argentina, rabbi Ariel Stofenmacher the Latin American Rabbinical Seminary, sheikh Abdelnaby Elfhefnawy, Imam of the mosque El-Ahmed, Ruben Proietti, president of the Christian Alliance of Evangelical Churches of Argentina, and Undersecretary of Cult of the Nation, Alfredo Abriani.

Francis is the noahide kosher buddy of rabbis Ariel Stofenmacher and Abraham Skorka.


  1. It is typical of a Leftist to delegitimize instiutions which promote goodness, morality, and order to legitimize values which promote evil, uncertainty, and death.

  2. La Kosher Nostra.

  3. Stofenmacher reminds me of 'the Count' from Sesame Street.