Friday, June 17, 2016

It’s never dull when Francis is flapping his jaws

If one is unfamiliar with Francis’ remarks on what constitutes a legitimate marriage given on Thursday at San Giovanni in Laterano during his annual Pastoral Conference of the Diocese of Rome then read them first by clicking here.

And now a few words from the reporter, Mr. Adam Shaw...



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Things are becoming interesting

at Francis’ Vatican Circus!

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  1. The novus ordo laymen and women deserve this communist Jew idiot known as Jorge.I am insulted for holding to the true Catholic faith traditions pre-1950 by these novus ordo morons.If you accept Jorge as a Pope,your insults are compliments. .

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks for the heads up.

      Try copying & pasting this address into your browser:

  3. After John Paul 2 denied Our Lord as the Messiah backed up by Ratzinger and the Novus ordo didn't protest, they deserve this demon-possessed person as their "leader."

  4. How ironic is it to try to save the institution of the papacy by recognizing an apostate/communist/atheist as pope! – Fr. Despósito