Monday, June 20, 2016

“Many dress up as Christians but are not really Christians.” — Francis on 20 June 2016 —

Did Francis have someone in mind when he said this?

Maybe a person who relishes telling blasphemous jokes about Our Lord?

Or perhaps someone who did the following?

Francis praying at Yad Vashem

Francis offering prayer at the Western Wall

Francis praying in Great Synagogue of Rome

Francis and rabbi Riccardo Di Segni in synagogue

Francis was delighted when presented with the heretical Communist Crucifix 

Francis examines the Koran in the Blue Mosque

Francis praying in the mosque

Francis praying in Grand Mosque of Koudoukou

Francis celebrating Hanukkah
(i.e. God's delight in the Talmudic Jews)


  1. Many dress up as Christians ,but their not really Christians,what are they Cardinals ,Bishops ,priests and the odd Pope.Many claim to be Catholic ,but have no problem pushing Christ to the sideline, so they can worship with those who deny Him.

  2. He even admitted that he doesn´t believe in Jesus for decades:

    "On many occasions I find myself in a crisis of faith. Sometimes I’ve questioned Jesus and even doubted. Is this really the truth? Is it a dream?” This happened to him when he was “a boy, a seminarian, a religious, a priest, a bishop and even now [he is] Pope”

  3. Wonder why he refused in 2005 and accepted in 2013 to lead(?) the RCC, we don't need a bishop in white, worshipping every god but Our Lord, it's such a big disgrace this guy.....

    1. Paul VI through Benedict XVI had the exact same program as Jorge.The internet wasn't around to expose those frauds.