Monday, June 27, 2016

Martin Luther made medicine for the Church

“Then he [Martin Luther] was intelligent and took some steps forward justifying, and because he did this. And today Lutherans and Catholics, Protestants, all of us agree on the doctrine of justification. On this point, which is very important, he did not err. He made a medicine for the Church, but then this medicine consolidated into a state of things, into a state of a discipline, into a way of believing, into a way of doing, into a liturgical way and he wasn’t alone; there was Zwingli, there was Calvin, each one of them different, and behind them were who? Principals! ...It’s a story that’s not easy to understand, not easy. Then things went forward, and today the dialogue is very good. That document of justification I think is one of the richest ecumenical documents in the world, one in most agreement.”


  1. The Heresiarch was a wild boar, the man who mid-wifed socialism into being; a disgraceful non-Christian who taught that Jesus is a composite of good and evil; he was a gnostic, a fat, loud, vow-breaking drunk who liked to tell fart jokes.

    ABS had some fun exposing this despicable bastard in a series of posts:

  2. Interesting that Francis is fashioning Martin Luther as a heroic maker of messes. Perhaps, Francis thinks he is ML v. 2016. This excellent psychoanalysis of Martin Luther written by a Jesuit in 1935 is a reminder of Luther the train wreck.

    Doesn't this description of Luther’s intellect, sound like Francis?
    "We should remark by way of a nota bene that it is quite plain that Luther had not a comprehensive and synthetic intellect. His talents, not at all mean, were rather in the sentimental and literary order than in the constructive and logical. His doctrines form no consistent body and they were preached without sufficient regard for their mutual compatibility, so that, as has often been noted, he abounds in self-contradictions. His warm imagination, his exaggerated rhetoric and his facile tongue run away with his logic and at times even with his sincerity."

  3. When I read what he said, the following words from the article “The Jewish peril and the Catholic Church”, published in „The Catholic Gazette“, February 1936, came into my mind:

    “We can boast of being the creators of the reformation! Calvin was one of our children, he was of Jewish descent and was entrusted by Jewish authority and encouraged with Jewish finance to draft his scheme in the reformation.
    Martin Luther yielded to the influence of his Jewish friends, and again with Jewish authority and with Jewish finance, his plot against the Catholic Church yielded met with success…”'nai-b'rith.pdf

  4. Zwingli looks a little like Larry Storch,from F Troop,one of my favorites.Just thought that went along with the whole mess we are in.we occasionally need to lighten up. God has blessed us with the true Faith. Let's smile occasionally.