Saturday, June 11, 2016

Peter Thiel is a hypocrite just like NWO loving Francis

The homosexual Thiel considers himself an outspoken Libertarian as well as a Christian.  He founded PayPal & Palantir Technologies and was also an early investor (2004) in Facebook acquiring 10.2% of the company.  Keep in mind as you watch the videos, that Thiel is one of the architects of the invisible corporate control matrix which forms the foundation of the panopticon that the world has become.  Privacy is OK for Thiel but not for the common people.   His company, Facebook, builds a repository of files on everyone in the world which would make the Stasi he condemns blush.  Palantir and their associated companies mine as well as analyze data for the federal government, state governments, health-care companies, financial services companies, banks, hedge funds, and government run counter-terrorism departments.  In the videos below he is exiting a building in Dresden, Germany after a Bilderberg meeting and walking with him is fellow sodomite,  Sam Altman, who's company Y Combinator he is an investor in.

How long until Francis invites him to the Vatican?

Thiel has been a member of the Bilderberg Group since 2007



  1. "Palantir". Humph. A bit prideful and hyperbolic, I'd say. C. S. Lewis was a true Catholic; I doubt that Theil would get Lewis' intended symbolism. If Theil wanted Catholic content, he could have picked Latin, such as:
    palor, palari, palatus sum V DEP
    wander abroad stray; scatter; wander aimlessly;
    as in "lost sheep". I'm guessing that not one Bilderberg attendee would be a genuine Catholic. Any number of them could be members/donors of Jorge's New Order Church of the New World Order (like in the Google and Apple links above - real eye-openers). I underestimated what Our Lord said about the love of money.

  2. Correction: "Palantir" is not Lewis, but JRR Tolkein's seeing stone from Lord of the Rings. Tolkein was a true Catholic of course.