Thursday, June 23, 2016

What’s in store for the future with Francis in charge

Vocations under the watch of Jorge Mario Bergoglio in the Archdiocese of Buenos Aires, Argentina almost ceased to exist and this trend continues to the present day.  With a population of 3 million, there will only be 3 Novus Ordo presbyters ordained this year.  As we wrote last year, “Francis isn't shock therapy for the church, he is the undertaker hammering in the final nail of Noahidism into the coffin.”  Is it going out on a limb to speculate that this will also be the future?  


  1. And yet fellay, sspx, fssp, m matt, c ferrara, j vennari, verecchio, horvat, Guimarães, salza and sisco, rorate, skojec etc. blog and make conference money off Sr Lucy "who warned us" against changes to the mass and a bad council. Meanwhile ALL of them attend a 'changed' mass (1962), accept the hierarchy whose entire agenda is the'bad council,' and won't be able to tell Hitler was a bad guy until Jerusalem is destroyed/Jesus tells them He never knew them at their judgment--because (wait for it): the essential part of Sr. Lucy's message is that the (un)holy father must consecrate Russia to the sacred heart so an apostate diabolical deceiver MUST be the pope. Maybe someone will bring a life size statue of Sr. Lucy to spit on them at their next $400 a night conference. It just beggars belief.

    "So according to Fr. Dollinger, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger claims that the part of the third secret not published is about a bad mass & a bad council!.. If Louie Verrecchio believes the veracity of Fr. Ingo Dollinger over that of the men in the Vatican, and if Louie Verrecchio believes that the Vatican is hiding the Third Secret, because it contains warnings against a bad Mass & a bad council, then shouldn't Louie put his video blogging skills to good use and help clear up the air? ...Let's see if Dr. Maike Hickson, Fr. Ingo Dollinger & Steve Skojec are telling the truth."

    #Fatima expert John Salza: “Ratzinger has been a double dealer for decades” @SteveSkojec [if a "double dealer" consecrates Russia, would it be valid?]

    Vatican had a double sister lucy so warning couldn't come out about false council and changes to the mass:

    But keep following these liars to hell--Jesus Christ said "All things therefore whatsoever they shall say to you, observe and do: but according to their works do ye not; for they say, and do not." Matt 29:3

    According to Jesus Caiphas taught truth (but did evil); according to TIA: Caiphas was an apostate & a heretic "here we have the Holy Ghost not only confirming the fact that the heretic, apostate Caiaphas is indeed High Priest (Pope)"

    They can't tell a heretic or an apostate, but if anyone calls THEM a (textbook) schismatic, they can viciously attack (meanwhile the Archdiocese of NY is a see of vicious sodomy and not one 'traditional' voice joins to clean out that cesspool). They don't call for the resignation of Dolan or warn of staying away from his false teachings, but M Voris must leave the scene (he's taking money away from them!).

    Also publish lies about others:

    Seems they are all part of the diabolical deception.

  2. Thank you Lord Jesus our priest enforces the after midnight holy communion fast and celebrates the true pre-1950 Roman Catholic Faith.We will need all the grace we can receive in the next few years.This Zionist lunatic and his novus ordo henchmen are on the warpath.

  3. Read the blog link and forgot Mr.Bergoglio isn't even a valid priest.(At this point the novus ordo will never have a valid priest and valid bishop for their Chief Administrator.)