Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another day, another Francis video

Francis knows better...

he should explain to Catholics 

that Syria is finished as a country

as explained in the Yinon Plan

and that he is revolutionizing the Vatican 

along the same lines with the effect that

soon St. Peter’s will resemble a synagogue 

and the Vatican a shtetl.



  1. He said it! " How can we believe someone who caresses you with the right hand, but strikes you with the left hand?" Such a mafiosa!!!

  2. Gov't of int'l unity = New World Order and One World Religion!!

  3. Appreciate all these links regarding what’s happening in Syria.
    One insightful tidbit I gleaned in “Straight from the horse’s mouth…” is what Francis does in these videos which was analyzed in the comments section: he uses the “mystification” trick that affects an intended result. “Francis the great mystifier” also uses the better known political “gaslighting” (e.g., in his speech to the US Congress, linked under “Washington D.C.” in the list to the right of this page). He deliberately drops both smoke bombs when he talks - religious “mystification” and political “gaslighting” – to deliver his religious/political New Order modernism and its associations. Understanding Jorge Bergoglio’s speeches/videos and keeping a healthy distance from his words is made much easier by honing in on these tactics.