Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Another Francis interview!

Where does he get his energy from?

An excerpt from Francis’ latest interview with Joaquín Morales Solá of La Nacion and published 3 July 2016.  If one can read Spanish and would like to read the interview in its entirety they can click here.

— How it is going with the ultraconservatives of the Church? 
— They do their job and I do mine.  I want an open, comprehensive Church that accompanies the families with wounds.  They [ultraconservatives] will say no to everything.  I will continue my way ahead without looking to the side [over the shoulder]. No short heads.*  I never liked to.  I repeat: I reject the conflict.  And he [Francis] concludes with a broad smile: “The nails are removed by pressing upwards. Or they are put to rest, next, when retirement age arrives.”  [The] Genius and figure of Pope Bergoglio.
Francis here is alluding to cutting off heads and how he doesn’t operate that way


  1. "They [ultraconservatives] will say no to everything. I will continue my way ahead without looking to the side [over the shoulder]. No short heads.* I never liked to. I repeat: I reject the conflict. And he [Francis] concludes with a broad smile: “The nails are removed by pressing upwards. Or they are put to rest, next, when retirement age arrives.”

    What a liar he is! While the SSPX tout the Immaculata of Max Kolbe, maybe they should shout from the roof tops what Frank Farter has done to Stefano Manelli:

    "I am serene in the hands of God, being innocent, I do not know what to accuse me, since I keep away from the media and from any form of notoriety. Even slander, I offer to the Lord, who has suffered so much for us, remembering the examples received from St. Pio of Pietrelcina, whom I met in life. From him I received my first Confession and Communion. With him to the altar several times as an altar boy, since with my parents lived for a time near San Giovanni Rotondo. My sufferings and pains, small part of those who suffered the Stigmatized of Gargano. Money? Do not ever belonged to me, I pursue poverty! "These were the words of Father Stefano Maria Manelli, accused of serious crimes, which committed its self to the small newspaper on line," Inside Salerno ", in an interview signed by Rita West Wolf, that really does not respond at all to the heavy charges on which they are working at least two prosecutors, one of Avellino and that of Rome, and that lately have cast doubts and misgivings about the Order of the Friars and Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, from he founded with father Gabriele Maria Pellettieri (with him in the picture).

  2. Even the Argentines are tired of his lies about not messing in politics while doing everything he can for sodomites, pedophiles, abortionists, and communist murderers and thieves.


  3. How sad. The man is daily becoming more bold in his attacks against the truth.

  4. I think Jorge gets his energy from the worldly adulation, from the worldly pride and from the worldly wealth that comes with being a modernist false pope occupying a rich Vatican City State. He can say anything he wants and no one holds him accountable or challenges him face to face. No one holds him to any standard: in the Novus Ordo there are no boundaries. This kind of control, supremacy and power is energizing for an aggressive temperament, and Jorge is aggressive. He seems to enjoy a rich social life and he has unlimited funds to meet and greet, conference, direct this, organize that and so on. Adulation, sycophantism and boot licking energizes his ego and is addictive. He is disciplined, a hard worker and has no doubt always talked a lot so with these habits he can really pour it on even though he says he suffers from ill health. And finally because he and his diabolical companions wield a lot of power, they must know that their time is short so they are motivated to stoke the flames of mess and destruction as fast as they can. They have power for only a time so they are motivated to get cracking.

    1. He's the Idi Amin of Novus Ordoism

  5. Clare said it well, pretty scary. But Christ will prevail - when it is time.

  6. I think he gets extra energy from opiates or amphetamines or cocoa leaves.
    This man is in terrible health and never stops.He isn't fooling me.

  7. Maybe having one lung gives you more energy?