Monday, July 4, 2016

As the SSPX turns...

Fr. Karl Stehlin’s update on the 
Superior Generals’ Meeting of June 2016


  1. Judge a tree by it's fruits. Lefebvre's fruits are Fellay,Scgmidberger,Pfluger,Nely, du Challard, Lorans, Stehlin et al .. Go on and judge .....

    1. Bishop Lefebvre also ordained many American and European priests who later become traditional priest's.No Bishop Marcel wasn't the first to reject the novus ordo.With that said,he did a lot for the traditional catholics throughout the western world.
      No one is perfect and he has been dead for 25 year's.Don't blame him for what has transpired since 2012 or so.
      I haven't ever belonged to the SSPX and this isn't personal for me.Please understand these men you mention have their own will and conscience.

  2. TRADITIO's comments on this video:
    July 9, 2016 - Our Lady's Saturday

    Neo-SSPX's Asia Superior Lets the Cat out of the Bag
    Traitorous Bernie Fellay Is Planning Yet Another Subterfuge to Sell out to Newchurch
    From: Joe, the TRADITIO Networks India Correspondent

    The Neo-SSPX's District Director in Asia, Karl Stehlin
    Lets the Cat out of the Bag
    Superior-Dictator Bernie Fellay Is Engineering Yet Another Subterfuge
    Although Fellay Was Forced to Issue a Communique that He Does Not Want
    "Canonical Recognition" by the Anti-Catholic Newchurch
    In Fact He Is Working Behind the Scenes with His High-priced Advertising Firm
    To Dupe the Neo-SSPXers into Going Along with a Sellout to the Novus Ordo

    Although the information hasn't penetrated into the West yet, we here in Asia have gotten a preview of what the duplicitous Bernie Fellay, Superior-Dictator of the Neo-SSPX, which has deserted Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's original traditional Catholic principles, has up his sleeve. In order to advance his programme to sell out to the anti-Catholic Newchurch of the New Order and its Marxist Newpope, Francis-Bergoglio, he has resorted to a tactic that he has used before: sacrilege. In order to further his evil designs, Fellay has announced yet another fake "Rosary Crusade," daring to ensnare the Mother of God into his fraud.

    This is what has just been announced to us here in Asia by Karl Stehlin, the Neo-SSPX's District Superior of Asia, in a "sermon" on July 3, 2016. You will notice that Neo-SSPX clergy, just like New Order clergy, do not talk about Our Lord, Our Lady, and the Saints in their "sermons," but about Neo-SSPX internal politics. That is no "sermon," but pure Newchurch nonsense!

    Stehlin revealed that, contrary to Fellay's communique dated June 29, 2016, in which the Neo-SSPX was said not to desire "canonical recognition" from Newchurch, the Extraordinary Synod at Econe was actually ready to accept terms of a sellout. The only hang-up for the present is that some Newchurch leaders, including (apparently) Francis-Bergoglio, still want the Neo-SSPX to accept the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965). Thus, Stehlin revealed, Fellay determined to start a new P.R. campaign to serve the "branding operation," for which he paid so much of the Neo-SSPXer's collection-plates to a high-priced advertising firm, by trotting out the Blessed Virgin to play "mascot" for his scheme.

    Fellay and Bergoglio are, however, reported to be scared out of their wits that their mendacious stratagem is being exposed on the internet by independent reports not associated with the Neo-SSPX or the Newchurch of the New Order. Therefore, Neo-SSPXers are being threatened with literal Hell if they dare to seek out the objective truth. This has been Fellay's ploy before. Fortunately, most Neo-SSPX members long ago ceased to pay any attention to his self-serving fulminations, and a goodly number of Neo-SSPXers think that because of his numerous frauds, he has already earned for himself a place in that infernal region.

  3. Bishop Donald Sanborn says it so well!

  4. Divide and conquer: Note how frankie divides and flatters at the same time: He has affection for the SSPX priests because they work so hard, they burn themselves out taking care of “all these um these uh CURIOUS people” [@ 13:00]
    @26:20 his last point: the GOOD fruits of Max Kolbe (that polish patron saint of euthanasia for the sake of the family) and the NEW VC 2 Evangelization which has apparently been bearing GOOD fruit for the SSPX since 2000:
    See sidebar to right: “True Devotion To Mary” St Maximilian Kolbe (roll over dead de Montfort!) [order from the nearest priory along w/miraculous medals as passed out by Mother Teresa (the patron saint of pedophiles, sodomites and 1987 recipient of the Gold medal of the Soviet Peace Committee) to Western Christians not Hindus/Moslems!]
    See the Super pope page
    And the new SSPX dress code (for leaders!):
    Enforce MI Youth dress code with minor participants as well as abide by it as a leader in a professional manner fitting of the movement I represent. External labels or advertisements for clothing brands, including Abercrombie, Hollister, Pink/Victoria Secret, Aerie, or any other products that actively promote unchristian values or call to mind unchristian images are not permissible for leaders to wear while ON RETREAT, nor is any article of clothing containing images or text that may be in conflict with Catholic morality or display content that is inappropriate in a retreat setting. Facial and tongue piercings must be plugged or removed DURING THE RETREAT and tattoos must be covered. As leaders, we represent the international, Vatican-approved movement founded by Saint Maximilian Kolbe, and the dress code is meant to express the integrity and professionalism of that movement [the Vatican approved movement (?!) integrity and professionalism vs modesty and purity/spirituality].

    No tank tops or sleeveless tops or dresses
    Shorts must be mid-thigh [no more than 3 in. above the knee]
    Skirts/skorts/dresses-hem must touch floor when kneeling (even when worn with leggings)
    Modest one-piece swimsuits
    No shorts for Mass
    No low-rise pants/skirts/shorts (at no point should midriff or underwear show)
    No skin tight or transparent clothing; no ‘skinny pants’
    No shorts, skirts, pants, or sweats with writing on the buttocks
    No low-cut tops or dresses
    No mid-drift tops

    No tank tops or sleeveless shirts
    Shorts/swim trunks must be mid-thigh [no more than 3 in. above the knee]
    No low-rider pants, shorts or jeans (at no point should midriff or underwear show)
    No skin tight or transparent clothing; no ‘skinny pants’
    No shorts, pants, or sweats with writing on the buttocks
    No shorts for Mass
    No half-shirts
    And remember this isn’t the place to criticize Amoris Laetitia [@15:24]; we have same principles as +ML “adapted to the needs of our time” [et tu, SSPX? 25:01]. Deal w/Rome could mean we could preach lies to 150-200,000 people rather than 150-200 holy (peculiar) men and women [@ 25:28]—“that’s the apostolic SPIRIT.” “The salvation of souls that’s the only thing that directs the SSPX” –just like VC2! Why not just open the SSPX to the whole world like VC2 and you can “save” 7 billion–what a fanny whore! But don't waste your time going on the internet to get the truth or criticize (too many mentions to cite) consecrate yourself to mary via JP2 Saint Max Kolbe and soon you will luv the New Mass (and if not you, your children)!!

    1. Thank you AnonymousJuly 5, 2016 at 1:10 PM for taking the trouble to post this, and thank you CMJ for publishing it. M. Kolbe took the place of a Jewish inmate scheduled for execution at a WWII camp. Is this how things really worked?. A civilian prisoner was picked out at random for murder/execution (to what purpose?) but any other random person could offer to take place of the prospective victim?.

  5. Fr Gomar de Pauw was the first independent Roman Catholic priest who found the Traditional Catholic Movement. Years later, Archbishop Lefebvre found out the worst during the lead up to the new lifurgical form of the Roman Rite in the vernacular. He was very clear and lucid about the NO thereafter - modernist Rome which had nothing in common with Eternal Rome of the Roman Catholic faith. I doubt very much if he would have entered into such talks with the carfty fox Ratzinger for whom he had a profound and justified mistrust. Nor would he have done so with this absolutely appalling talmudic papacy. Bishop Fellay is out of his element as Lefebvre could read the enemy better with grdater discernment and lucidity of understanding.

    1. See the article dated Monday, June 27, 2016 " A forgotten hero " on Bishop Blaise Kurz here:

    2. Great article thank you for posting link.

    3. Personally I think Bishop Fellay is working for the enemy.
      If he were out of his element the mainstream press would be busy trying to destroy him.
      Instead,Rome Reports,Catholic News Service,etc..constantly shower him and the SSPX with positive glowing media attention and encouragement.
      Also,the SSPX has their 'people' posting on various blogs the false narratives that Bishop Lefebvre singlehandedly saved Catholicism,various saints are 'speaking through Bishop Fellay',and how the SSPX will without a doubt save Rome from the last 60 plus year's of apostasy.
      Dissent is not allowed as any comment challenging these absurd notions are shouted down,patronized,and-or deleted.

  6. Why doesn't the liberal non-catholic Fellay sign and join the Novus Ordo already?

    1. Very good question!. The very one all those interviewers of all those stage managed interviews for some "unknown" reason do not ask him .....