Thursday, July 21, 2016

dancing nuns spread the new evangelization in Poland

The mockery just doesn’t ever stop!


  1. Go to WYD and you too will be able to cure the sick and forgive sins (I mean be 'merciful' and 'pilgrimage' in 'solidarity w/the suffering')!
    "Jesus walks with many who are suffering; restores their dignity and offers hope:
    a) The woman who touches his cloak (Mt 9:20-22)
    b) A crippled man is healed by Jesus (Mk 2:9-12)
    c) Lepers are healed (Lk 17:12-16)
    d) Blind man at Siloam (Jn 9:6-7)
    e) Disciples at Emmaus, struggling with Jesus’ crucifixion (Lk 24:13-35) [p52]

    P.S. God will NOT be mocked (more's the pity for these lying devils).

  2. They want to be the next Sister Christina.
    Sister Faustina was barely literate and she spoke an ethnic language which wasn't even standard Polish.
    The original Divine Mercy picture which was chosen by Sister Faustina's Priest was replaced in the 50's during the early days of the Novus Ordo. (Pius 12th last few year's...he (Pius 12th ) was big on externals.John 23rd banned it's devotion due to psigns of forgery & fraud)