Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Francis collects popemobiles like most basements collect dust.

An undated photo of his humbleness riding shotgun in a hybrid popemobile
in Rome released this morning by VaticanCommunication on twitter.

Saving the environment one automobile at a time!

More on the popemobiles of Francis:


  1. Everyone check the YouTube channel 'Tumblar House'
    Hosted by Charles Coloumbe,its a very informative Roman Catholic forum.
    I don't know if they recognize the Novus Ordo as Catholic but it's coming from a historical traditional Catholic perspective.
    From what I gather,this group is 5 seconds from embracing true Catholicism (sedevacantist) but hasn't made that hurdle.(Yet)
    E Michael Jones is another one who we can learn from.
    (Pray for their conversions)

    1. Charles Coloumbe is a very good speaker but we would stay away from Coloumbe as he is an occultist.

      “As the clock neared midnight, Coulombe, dressed in tails for the occasion, donned a white wig and commemorated the planet's final moments by channelling Criswell.”
      from: The New Yorker, September 6, 1999

      CMJ could go on with several more links and connections of Coloumbe to the occult world but channelling a dead psychic at party held in the same psychic's honor should suffice.